UniLend Protocol to go Permissionless on 6th July 2021

UniLend’s Flash Loans and Lending is going Permission-Less on 6th July


  • Permissionless listing of any token for Lending and Flash Loans to go live this Tuesday
  • The protocol first went live on Ethereum with Lending and FLash Loans 3 months back in March.
  • UniLend’s protocol has 17 tokens listed already with millions of dollars worth of tokens without any security risks.
  • Detailed guide on how to start pool for lending of any token will be live after launch
  • Team will continue to support projects which list on UniLend with rewards to the lenders

UniLend’s journey started with the mission and vision to “Unlock the true potential of Decentralised Finance”.

So far we have successfully launched Lending and Flash Loans products on Ethereum and Polygon Chain, which have been live for almost 3 Months without any security threats. With more than 17 tokens listed and millions worth of value locked, UniLend’s protocol is set to be permissionless.

Over the past few months, with 35+ partnerships and multiple feature implementations to our product, we are ready for the big leap by decentralizing our products. We launched our products on Ethereum in March this year, only a few weeks later we integrated on the biggest and most widely adopted L2 solution Polygon. We have successfully become the most cost-efficient Flash Provider for WMATIC tokens with more than $1 million value locked.

Our product is already Certified by Certik and with the feedback from the community we have made the process smooth and completely secure.

Welcoming every ERC20 asset to UniLend Ecosystem

Now out of 7000+ cryptocurrencies on different blockchains any token can be listed on UniLend for Lending and Flash Loans without any permission or approval. The UniLend team has decided to decentralize the listing process as the protocol has been live for more than 3 months. This means that teams and their communities can list their favorite tokens without permission on UniLend with a few simple steps.

Going ahead many major tokens will be listed on the UniLend Platform on major blockchains including Ethereum and Polygon to start their Lending and Flash Loans. This will increase the utility of our native UFT token. UFT being the fuel of our ecosystem, will play a major role in the permissionless governance set to launch very soon.

Changing the Landscape

True to our vision, we will become the 1st protocol to provide lending & flash loans of any token on our platform. However, we will continue to support and promote tokens with great community and utility. Projects which want to expose their token to our community and followers can still reach us while providing rewards for lending pools.

As our Founder and CEO, Chandresh said “We are allowing every token to take advantage of our permissionless listing, now projects can participate in DeFi from the start of their IDO. Our protocol will become a hub for Lending, Borrowing, Flash Loans and many more DeFi Functions.”

This is a major step towards our long term vision and the UniLend team is extremely proud of its community for supporting us through this journey. Our community will play a major role by actively participating in listing of tokens and later with protocol governance.

In the coming days, we will release a detailed guide which details how anyone can start a pool for any token in a few simple steps on both the chains. It is a major milestone not only for UniLend but for the entire DeFi space as well because we are paving the way for true decentralization by providing major Defi services for all the 7000+ cryptocurrencies without any barrier or preferential treatment.

With DeFi growing faster than many imagined possible, the ability to lend and borrow any token will be a must. We envision that the functionality of Lending and borrowing for any token is as essential as the function of trading.

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UniLend Finance

UniLend Finance

UniLend is a Multichain protocol for Lending & Borrowing all ERC20 tokens permissionlessly. We are developing a Futuristic Base Layer for all DeFi applications.