YOP to Integrate UniLend’s Platform for Yield Optimization

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3 min readMar 16, 2021
Yop to integrate UniLend’s platform for Yield Optimization


  • YOP will integrate UniLend’s comprehensive set of DeFi services into their optimized UI/UX mobile and desktop enabled protocol
  • UniLend is the first lending DeFi protocol that is collaborating with YOP to integrate its decentralized services for their customer base
  • UFT holders will benefit from YOP’s automated engagement interface and yield markets with custom control parameters
  • Collaborating with projects such as YOP helps UniLend tap into new DeFi markets by funneling in mobile users seeking to optimize their yield

As UniLend moves closer to the release of major protocol updates, we’re actively seeking innovative new projects to collaborate with and continue to push the boundaries of DeFi. YOP is a new project that will soon join the UniLend ecosystem. This unique chain agnostic DeFi project is working towards creating a highly UI & UX-focused mobile app that will offer multiple DeFi services from various DeFi protocols.

UniLend is the first lending DeFi protocol that is collaborating with YOP to integrate its decentralized services for their user base. By connecting our protocols, their users will gain access to a wide range of DeFi services such as borrowing and lending — among other possibilities as our collaborations grow. We believe our synergies will contribute to the growth of UniLend and the DeFi ecosystem as a whole.

YOP Integrating Into UniLend’s Tech Stack

YOP is creating a highly specialized App that aims to provide an attractive and easy-to-use UI that will provide users with a seamless DeFi experience.

The beauty of DeFi is that different decentralized protocols can integrate to create a cumulative amount of utility. For example, YOP will connect into external decentralized protocols like UniLend to provide DeFi services that they do not offer on their platform, while they hyperfocus on creating unique DeFi tools, like their Farmers’ Market and Launch Pad Aggregator.

UniLend is collaborating with YOP to integrate our extensive DeFi services onto their App to provide their users access to decentralized lending and borrowing markets. UniLend will single handedly create a more robust ecosystem for YOP users who are looking to optimize their yield.

Atif Yaqub,Founder of YOP said: We were very impressed with the protocol Unilend are building and are happy to be extending this service to our customer base. Being product agnostic allows YOP to grow its offering in the platform with leading products such as the Unilend protocol.

Mobile Users & Adoption

The YOP team has stated that they want to design their App in a manner that will be geared specifically for mobile users. This is truly unique; not many DeFi solutions specifically cater to mobile users, which represents a huge market.

Adoption is key in this industry. Now through YOP, UniLend will be able to penetrate the mobile DeFi user market. Being one of the earliest mobile DeFi service providers gives a great advantage and should give access to a new user base, which will positively impact our overall success.

Building a New Frontier for DeFi

As we leap forward into a new DeFi scene, we hope our community sees the practical new methods we’re trying to deliver. These new synergies are just a spark that we believe will turn into a rapidly vanquishing fire, which we hope will sweep DeFi as a whole.

Take our momentum and run with it. This is the time to experiment and learn new strategies. Our team wishes you well, and we look forward to your success. Don’t forget to swing by our many social platforms, we love to hear from our community.

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