UniLend & Ramp DeFi Join Forces to Unlock Untapped Staking Capital


  • UniLend will list Ramp DeFi’s rUSD stablecoin for decentralized trading, lending and borrowing to unlock DeFi functionality for untapped staked capital
  • Ramp DeFi will provide liquidity to bootstrap the rUSD pools
  • Creating better capital efficiency via UniLend & Ramp DeFi synergies
  • The future of DeFi 2.0 starts here

You’ve probably heard you can’t have your cake and eat it too. Most people believe this, though Ramp DeFi enables you to do just that. Ramp enables stakers to unlock liquid capital from their staked digital assets, in order to earn yield from multiple income streams. There’s no end to the possibilities that are just around the corner now that we’re listing Ramp DeFi’s rUSD stablecoin on UniLend.

If you’re looking to earn multiple streams of passive rewards and achieve higher capital

efficiency, then you’re going to love the new synergy between UniLend and Ramp DeFi.

If this hasn’t piqued your interest yet, then keep reading and we’ll explain why this collaboration will be extremely valuable in helping our users to create new and more efficient DeFi strategies. Furthermore, we are thrilled to let everyone know that Ramp DeFi will bootstrap the initial liquidity needed for the rUSD pool on UniLend. To top it all off, we’re exploring further collaborations for the future.

Creating Better Capital Efficiency

We’re guessing we have you interested since you’ve read this far, and you should be! If you have assets currently being staked then you know your assets are earning rewards, generally speaking, but your capital is stuck in the validator staking program to keep the PoS network secure.

What if we told you unstaking your staked coins wasn’t the only way to free your capital again? In this case, Ramp DeFi enables you to deposit your yield-bearing assets into Ramp smart contracts. This in turn redeploys these assets into staking or yield farming.

When a user completes this task, they can then mint rUSD stablecoins on Ethereum against their delegated yield-bearing assets as collateral.

Now this is where it starts to get exciting. Users can then take their minted rUSD and deploy it into DeFi protocols like UniLend to stack multiple yield streams. One example of this technique would be to bring your newly minted tokens to UniLend Finance to swap for stable coins like USDC or USDT to then redeploy into other DeFi yield rewarding strategies.

The future looks bright for DeFi! Soon you’ll be able to receive most of your staking rewards while participating in the aforementioned strategy; while retaining ownership of your underlying yield-bearing asset portfolio. All the while creating better capital efficiency.

Ushering in DeFi 2.0

UniLend understands there are many competitors in the DeFi space, though we know we’re building something very special. Currently we’re partnering and collaborating with the major disruptive DeFi protocols that are looking to further unlock the true potential of decentralized finance like ourselves. These protocols, like Ramp DeFi, are innovatively powering the new frontier of DeFi and when combined with our protocol will usher in the future of DeFi 2.0.

In unison we are stronger. We imagine the future of finance to live within the networks we’re creating together. Hopefully our community is starting to see a glimpse of our dream starting to become a reality.

We encourage everyone that loves DeFi and wants to be part of DeFi 2.0 to follow us on our social platforms. Here, you’ll be able to stay active while discussing the future of our decentralized financial revolution.

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