UniLend Project Updates #7 — April 2021

UniLend Project Updates # 7

Announcing UniLend’s Project Updates #7

🚀 This month, UniLend has continued our epic frontier to become a dominant voice in the DeFi space. We’ve announced several new partnerships, with collaborators like Oddz Finance and CyberFi. We launched staking and flash loans for additional tokens, expanded our educational library by providing the community with more information about how to stake and launch flash loans, and participated in several AMAs. Essentially, we’ve been moving faster than the speed of light, so we created this newsletter to help you catch up!

⏰ We hope you’ve been with us every exciting step of the way and that you’ll stay with us as we continue to grow, develop, and add new functionality. There’s never a dull moment in cryptocurrency, and with UniLend, each day brings exciting new developments. It’s great to be early!

Major Highlights

Check Out Our Step-by-step Guide to Performing Flash Loans

April 15: Developers Rejoice! Our Flash Loans Implementation Explainer Page is Live!⚡️

⛏ Now developers can start digging in so they can use the most gas-efficient flash loan product on the market.

⚙️ Many of our partners are already exploring use cases of our flash loan solution. In addition, UniLend’s flash loans grants program is underway, helping to encourage adoption and accelerate innovation. stay tuned.

🧪 We can’t wait to see all the undiscovered flash loans use cases unlocked using our ground-breaking product!

🌐 Read the step-by-step process for deploying UniLend flash loans here

Check out our Gitbook here

We Launched Flash Loans & Staking for Oddz Finance

April 16: Oddz Finance made it rain. They distributed $100K in rewards (40k ODDZ) to early stakers! 🚀

We collaborated with our partner, Oddz Finance, to establish several new unique value propositions for our communities! 👀

⚡️ We launched $ODDZ staking to provide liquidity for Oddz Finance’s newly equipped flash loan functionality on our platform.

💥 To add to the buzz, Oddz Finance integrated $UFT into their multi-chain options trading platform! In addition, we integrated Oddz options into our tech stack within the coming months.

📖 Checkout our detailed blog

Epic Staking Video Guide

April 22: Want some further clarity on how to stake via UniLend? Check out our EPIC staking video guide! 🎥

🎯 Now users have the option to either use the written guide or our newly released 5 minute staking video guide to better understand our streamlined UI and functionality.

✅ This guide can be used for all the new tokens that are coming to our platform in quick succession. UniLend is ready to start powering as many projects as possible with our flash loan & staking functionality!

⚠️ Remember, do not use the “Reward” and “Airdrop” functions unless you wish to give your funds away! Use the “Lend” function to stake your tokens.

🌐 Check out our video guide here

📄 Prefer to follow a written guide? We’ve got you covered!

Collaborations & Integrations

WazirX & UniLend Teamed up for a UFT Trading Competition with Rewards Totalling $7500

April 8: 🎉 To celebrate $UFT’s listing on WazirX, we joined forces to launch a 48-hour Highest Trader Kaun Marathon with a total prize pool of $7500 in UFT, which was divided among the top 150 traders!

🗓 April 8th, 9am IST — April 10th, 9am IST

💰Prizes (in $UFT):

🥇 1st place: 666 UFT

🥈 2nd place: 400 UFT

🥉 3rd place: 233 UFT

🏅4th-10th: 133 UFT each

🎖11th-15th: 67 UFT each

🎗16th-20th: 33 UFT each

🏆21st-25th: 20 UFT each

💸26–30th: 10 UFT each

💲31–150th: 3.75 UFT each

🌐 Read more about the many joint initiatives we hosted with WazirX here.

Fun UFT & WazirX Quiz

April 8: We invited community members to test their knowledge of UFT with a $500 quiz in collaboration with WazirX! 🧐

🎉 To celebrate WazirX listing $UFT, we teamed up to give away $500 in UFT during a fun quiz session!

UniLend knowledge really pays!

We’re Excited to Introduce Plasma Finance to the UniLend Ecosystem

April 9: 🦾 UniLend and Plasma Finance’s strengths complement each other. Plasma will integrate $UFT for maximizing yields through their savings program. In addition, we’ll also provide liquidity to their platform.

📲 Plasma.Finance is a place where you can easily store, manage, and invest in any DeFi token. With features like a fiat on/off ramp, portfolio management, lending & borrowing, and cross-chain asset swaps.

🤝 At UniLend we believe that when we work together, everyone accomplishes more. By combining our strengths, we’ll continue to unlock the true potential of decentralized finance.

🌐 Read more here

Announcing CyberFi Integration

April 26: 🦾 UniLend equipped CyberFi’s CFi token with flash loans & staking functionality. In addition, projects that IDO on Samurai, CyberFi’s launchpad, will have the opportunity to also be powered by UniLend!

📲 CyberFi offers an ecosystem of automation products enhancing the DeFi experience. They provide the same tools for DEX users that CEX traders are accustomed to.

🤝 We’ve been working with CyberFi for some time now & we’re constantly expanding our affiliation. To celebrate our further collaborations we’ll host several rewarding events!

🌐 Read more here

Huge ODDZ Airdrop for Early Stakers

April 27: You just got Airdropped! 🪂

💸 Everyone retweeted 1000 times, and as we promised ,we airdropped 5k $ODDZ to reward early stakers in response.

🚀 Oddz Finance stakers enabled deeper liquidity for UniLend’s flash loans platform.

🦾 Stake your tokens including $UFT now: app.unilend.finance

CyberFi Staking and Flash Loans Are Now LIVE on UniLend

April 27: History has proven that rewards come to early stakers! 🚀

Stake here: https://app.unilend.finance/lend

💲 Now, $CFI HODLers can lend their tokens, to start accruing interest today.

🤖 CFI is only the third to be listed on our platform with many more soon to come. Higher liquidity brings opportunities for transactions and increased rewards for early stakers.

‼️ Do not use the “Reward” & “Airdrop” portion of our UI, unless you wish to give your funds to the community! Simply use the “Lend” option available and follow our easy to use guide.

Another Major Feat Achieved

April 28: 🔥 More than $1 Million worth of $ODDZ tokens were staked to our platform!

🦾 Stake your $ODDZ to earn amazing rewards and to make the most of HODLing your tokens!

🌐 App Link: https://app.unilend.finance/lend

Community Outreach

Major YouTuber Lark Davis Covered UniLend’s Flash Loans in a Recent Video

April 2: 🎥 First of all, we’re grateful to Lark for covering our game changing flash loan product. In this video he shared details of the first UniLend flash loan transaction to the world.

📊 This initial transaction proved that our product is ultra-competitive and much more gas and cost efficient than Aave’s flash loan product.

🎙 To quote the crypto rockstar, “Competition, I love it. This is how money markets thrive, this is how YOU the user end up getting the best fee services, and of course the best rates for your crypto. By strong competition, “ — Lark Davis

✅ Our team totally agrees, competition is the fuel that powers innovation and progress. We wholeheartedly believe in giving credit where credit is due, though we also believe in advancing the DeFi revolution. This is just the beginning.

🌐 Check out Lark’s video here

UniLend’s Influence Continued to Grow as we Crossed 25k Followers on Twitter

April 19: We’re Proud of Our Diverse & Passionate Community! Thank You for 25k+ Followers on Twitter! 👀

🙌 The UniLend team is grateful to everyone for being here with us. This milestone shows us we’re doing something right and is one of many more to come.

📊 We hope our community is ready for the next phase of expansion, soon we’ll be equipping new tokens with flash loan & staking functionality at a much faster rate.

🥂 Cheers to our growth, as new opportunities arise!

Community Initiatives & Education

UniLend’s Ayush Garg Joined Capital Blockchain for an Eventful AMA

April 1: In UniLend’s ongoing Flash AMA Series, our Operations and Marketing Lead, Ayush Garg joined the Capital Blockchain community.

🙋‍♂️We rewarded 10 AMA participants with $100 and another $50 for 5 users on Twitter. It pays to join us live, so be sure to catch the next one!

Do YOU Like Pleasant Surprises?! 🎁

April 3: 💸 To reward those that are the first to stake to our protocol, we’ve airdropped 10k $UFT tokens to say thank you! 🤑

🚀 As a community-centered project, it’s important to take care of those who have supported us. $UFT stakers get ready to reap the rewards!

🌐 Dive into our staking guide here

🌐 Stake your $UFT now: app.unilend.finance

Video Guide to Flash Loans

April 5: 📽 In this short video, we explained what flash loans are and why UniLend’s flash loans are more competitive than any other product on the market.

🗝 As many already know, UniLend’s flash loans offer several key advantages over those of our competitors. They include (but are not limited to):

✅ A potentially much broader variety of assets to choose from

✅ Permissionless listings

✅ Gas-efficiency, saving users around 30% over our competitors

✅ Lower fees compared to our competitors (only 0.05%)

✅ Staking mechanism built into our liquidity pool solution

✅ Interoperability: UniLend’s flash loans will be the first to deploy on, and open up new DeFi strategies on, multiple blockchains

✨ As you can clearly see by now, UniLend’s mission is no longer the moon. We’re headed on an interstellar expedition into outer space. Buckle up! 🌟

🎥 Watch the UniLend flash loans explainer video here

UniLend’s Vishal Kuthari & Ayush Garg Joined the Wazir X Community for an AMA

April 6: We hope you didn’t miss our AMA with WazirX, on 7th April.

Our Community Lead, Vishal Kothari and Marketing & Operations Lead, Ayush Garg, joined the WazirX Telegram community for an eventful AMA session.

We gave away $150 in UFT during the session! Hope you make it to the next one!🎉

March’s Shield of Excellence Award Goes to Nicolas Sismil

April 9: It’s our pleasure and honor to award our Superstar Community Member of March 2021, @Noba_772 , with the title of Shield Of Excellence!🥇

🦾 We consider everything, Your constant efforts weather making a great blog post or your amazing support at UniLend TG community for the Shield. We appreciate your consistency, and would like to reward you with $100 in $UFT as a token of our gratitude.

🛡 UniLend Finance is a movement, unlocking the true potential of decentralized finance and opening new opportunities for the crypto community. Thank you for helping to accelerate us on our journey!

🤝The strong community behind UniLend has always been very active in spreading the word. We’re continually looking for new ways to show our gratitude for your efforts. Congratulations again.

Noundla Srikanth: The Pride of UniLend

April 11: We are very excited to award @noun_kanth, with the title of POU for the month of March for his valuable contribution!🥇

🏛 During our mainnet launch, he has helped the community with their doubts and questions.

🦾 We see everything you do, your amazing knowledge base and the support you give the UniLend community. We appreciate your consistency, and would like to reward you with $50 in UFT as a token of our gratitude.

We Created a Fun, Trendy & Informative Instagram!

April 14: Join our official UniLend Instagram to receive exclusive updates, quizzes, giveaways & more! 👋

✅ Don’t worry if you’re new to crypto. We’ve made things easy for you. Let us introduce you to the fascinating world of DeFi and crypto. We promise, you’ll be staking with ease in no time!

🔗 Follow us for upcoming exciting news and launches. It’s not another boring technical Instagram page, it’s a fun, trendy & informative page. Don’t forget to follow!

UniLend CEO Joined WazirX for a LIVE AMA

April 20: WazirX hosted an insightful YouTube Live AMA for their 2.2 million users and the UniLend community!

👑 Our Co-founder & CEO (Chandresh Aharwar) led the AMA and answered all of the community’s questions.

✅ Join us next time to learn more about UniLend, our mission, flash loans & staking, future plans, and anything else that you’d like to know.

AMA with Oddz Finance

April 21: UniLend hosted a Flash AMA with our partner Oddz Finance! 🎉

📆 Aishwarya Shivakumar, CEO & Co-Founder and Shreedhar Shreenivasa, CTO & Co-Founder, Oddz Finance joined the UniLend community for an AMA about the partnership with UniLend & Flash Loans.

Read about the partnership here

🎁 We gave away $200 in ODDZ during the AMA. It pays to join us live!

UniLend Joined Bear King BKG for an AMA

April 27: Our Operations and Marketing Lead, Ayush Garg joined the Bear King BKG community for an eventful AMA session. 🚀

🙋‍♂️We gave away $200 UFT during the AMA. Don’t miss the next one!

UniLend Finance & CyberFi Flash AMA

April 29: Geralt, CEO of CyberFi joined the UniLend community for a fun and insightful AMA regarding our collaboration!

💰 Participates received over $200 in rewards!

Don’t miss out on our next rewarding AMA!

Exciting Oddz Trivia Quizzes

April 30: 🍾 To celebrate our collaboration with Oddz Finance, we teamed up to give away $600 of $ODDZ during a delightful set of trivia quizzes!

🏆 Everyone displayed their $ODDZ knowledge well, both on Telegram and Instagram!

Exchange Listings

UFT is now Listed on WazirX!

April 5: Pop the champagne! UFT is now listed on WazirX — India’s largest exchange! $15,000+ worth of UFT prizes were given out to celebrate! 🚀

🙌 On April 7th, WazirX’s 1.75 million users began trading UFT in two pairs: UFT/USDT and our first ever UFT/INR pairing!

💎 To celebrate this huge milestone in the journey of UniLend, we teamed up with WazirX to launch a Grand UFT Giveaway from April 7th-17th with over $15,000 worth of UFT prizes awarded.

🌐 Read the full details here

Here’s to further integration into the Indian blockchain ecosystem and UFT becoming more accessible to India’s 1.3B population🥂

Binance Has Added (BEP20) Deposits & Withdrawals Support for UniLend’s $UFT Token! 🎉

April 7: ⛓🌏 Becoming a #DeFi leader requires interoperability. We’re one step closer to offering multi-chain functionality, soon our flash loans will be the first to deploy to BSC.

📈 Binance Smart Chain’s global rise has caused a wave of volume. With over 58 million unique active users and a transactional volume of over $3.4 billion, #BSC is clearly an important part of the decentralized finance landscape. That’s why we’re just beginning our journey with Binance Smart Chain.

🌐 Visit Binance.com for Withdrawals & Deposits of the UFT (BEP20) token.

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UniLend is a Multichain protocol for Lending & Borrowing all ERC20 tokens permissionlessly. We are developing a Futuristic Base Layer for all DeFi applications.

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UniLend Finance

UniLend Finance

UniLend is a Multichain protocol for Lending & Borrowing all ERC20 tokens permissionlessly. We are developing a Futuristic Base Layer for all DeFi applications.

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