UniLend Project Updates #2

UniLend Projct Updates # 2

In order to understand our progress on our mission to unlock the true potential of DeFi, once again we invite you to read over our recent endeavours over this past month.

During November we have forged many technical and strategic collaborations which have been intermingled with a concerted push to educate our community about UniLend and the broader DeFi space. In addition we have strived to make things fun by adding competitions with prizes.

This is still just the beginning, we have much more in store for our community and we hope you continue to join us on our exciting journey.

Major Highlights

Presenting UniLend’s Roadmap: Gearing up for Alpha Launch in December 2020

Nov 30: 🦾 Building the industry’s first comprehensive, permissionless DeFi protocol is no small feat. Achieving such a goal takes thoughtful planning, dedication, and strategic execution.

📈 We’ve therefore crystallized our roadmap to keep the community informed of our progress and plans as we advance forward on our mission to unlock the true potential of DeFi.

👀 This roadmap is just part of the beginning. We are already in the process of fleshing out plans for several other features which are not yet listed. We will keep the community updated on other plans as and when they are finalized.

Here’s to the next stages of our exciting journey on our mission to unlock the true potential of decentralized finance! 🥂

ℹ️ Dive into the granular details of our roadmap here

Welcoming Real-World Assets to DeFi in Collaboration with OpenDeFi

Nov 9: 🔥 After welcoming every token to DeFi, we are now set to expand our horizon by also welcoming real-world assets to DeFi, starting with gold & silver, with the help of our ecosystem partner OpenDeFi.

🚀 OpenDeFi facilitates the tokenization of real-world assets, 100% backed and held by trusted custodians, ensuring paramount security. Our collaboration will allow UniLend to offer trading, lending and borrowing of synthetic real-world assets, including gold and silver, via our platform!

📈 Through this integration, the addressable market cap we are targeting has now increased by an additional $15 trillion!

📊 Together we are expanding the horizons of DeFi, whilst bridging the gap between traditional finance and crypto ecosystems, by providing a decentralized mechanism to unlock DeFi functionality for real-world assets.

Say hello to real-world assets on UniLend😎

ℹ️ Read about our collaboration here.

3Commas to Integrate UniLend for a Superior Decentralized Trading Experience

Nov 27: 💥 We are excited to announce that we have entered into a powerful collaboration with 3Commas, an industry-leading trading tool platform with the goal of making trading easy via automated trading bots.

🦾 3Commas will bring their entire suite of sophisticated tools to the UniLend protocol, including their Smart Trade Bot, which enables traders to take profit, utilize stop loss features and sell at multiple targets in a manually automated trading fashion.

🧘‍♂️Together we are changing the DeFi user experience for the better. Make sure to stay tuned to our social media outlets, because this is just the beginning of our collaboration with 3Commas.

ℹ️ Learn more about our collaboration here

Leading Korea-Based Exchange ProBit is Listing UFT with our First-Ever KRW Trading Pair

Nov 29: 🦾 Prominent global crypto exchange ProBit is listing UFT this week via the trading pairs UFT/KRW and UFT/USDT. The exchange caters to over 800,000 monthly users and is renowned for its exceptional transparency, which aligns perfectly with our own ethos.

UFT deposits open: December 3, 2020, 16:00 KST

UFT trading begins: December 4, 2020, 16:00 KST

ProBit has a prominent presence in Korea and our KRW pairing will greatly increase accessibility of UFT for Korea’s thriving crypto community. We’re therefore thrilled to be becoming integrated into the Korean blockchain ecosystem!

This is only the beginning of our collaboration with ProBit. Stay tuned for more exciting news! 👀

🌐 ProBit listing announcement here

Collaborations & Integrations

UFT Trading Now Available within MetaMask Wallet Via MetaMask Swaps

Nov 4: ⚡️MetaMask Swaps combines multiple DEX aggregators, professional market makers, and individual DEXs to provide a seamless trading experience for MetaMask users.

💎 You can now purchase UFT in a few simple steps directly within your MetaMask wallet using Swaps:

1️⃣ Open the Firefox MetaMask extension

2️⃣ Click the ‘Swap’ button

3️⃣ Select the token you wish to swap from

4️⃣ Search for and select UFT in the ‘Swap to’ field and click ‘Get quotes’

5️⃣ Compare available quotes

6️⃣ Click on ‘Swap’ and wait until the transaction completes

Crypto Locally to Integrate UniLend into their Finance Wallet to Provide Enhanced DeFi Features

Nov 12: ✅ In an increasingly decentralized world, Crypto Locally seeks to offer a human element to peer-to-peer trading, via their GIV(BEP-2) smart contracts platform. Our integration will enable Crypto Locally to utilize UniLend’s lending and borrowing services to integrate more ERC-20 based staking features within their Finance Wallet.

🤝 This mutually beneficial collaboration will allow UniLend to tap into an already flourishing existing user base and will add a new liquidity stream for our platform. In addition, UFT will also be listed on their P2P platform.

👨‍💻 As we advance on our mission to unlock the full potential of decentralized finance we will continue expanding our ecosystem and capabilities, and will be offering our technical support to teams wishing to integrate our platform into their existing products.

ℹ️ More about our partnership here.

UniLend is Now on Blockfolio Signal

Nov 16: To keep you updated with the latest developments from the team we have began pushing updates on Blockfolio, the world’s most popular Bitcoin & cryptocurrency portfolio management app, with support for 3,000+ cryptocurrencies.⚡️

UniLend team will constantly deliver signals to our supporters in Blockfolio through personalized feeds!👀

You can stay up-to-date with UniLend news with only two simple clicks:

1. Open the Blockfolio app

2. Add $UFT to ‘Watch’

🌐 Or click here to get started.

UFT is Now Available on TradingView for Analysis & Market Insights

Nov 18: 📈 If you haven’t heard of TradingView then you’re missing out. Find real-time data and browser-based charts that enable you to research from anywhere, in an easy and intuitive manner.

📊 Our community can now utilize TradingView to optimize their UFT trading strategies, and share their chart ideas and setups effortlessly. To kick things off, chartists are now able to start charting using the UFT/WETH paring.

🤝 As a community-centered project we are always striving to provide all the tools necessary for success. Feel free to use the ‘share’ ability on TradingView to post your strategies on various social media platforms and share your insights with your fellow community members. Happy trading!

🌐 Access TradingView today here

UniLend is Now Listed on Xangle to Offer Real-Time Data & Project Information to the South Korean and Japanese Markets

Nov 19: 📊 Xangle offers market participants the ability to identify projects with high potential and value via their off-chain & on-chain project data feeds, and by sourcing and curating information from teams.

🇰🇷🇯🇵 With a significant presence in Asia, specifically in the South Korean and Japanese markets, our presence on Xangle will be hugely valuable in accelerating awareness of UniLend worldwide.

👀 Some of the many reliable categories of information Xangle offers include comprehensive project information, price performance data, on-chain data, and a ‘Disclosures’ feed, which lists project updates on all fronts including partnerships, exchange listings, and milestone achievements.

🌐 Stay up to date with UniLend news and insights effortlessly on Xangle here

CyberFi is Joining the UniLend Ecosystem, Bringing Automated Lending Tools to UniLend!

Nov 23: 🦾 CyberFi’s tools can soon be utilized by users on the UniLend platform to automate lending and borrowing. This will make using the UniLend platform vastly more convenient and efficient.

💸 Once CyberFi is integrated into the UniLend ecosystem, users will have the ability to automatically lend out all the tokens they are not using to UniLend pools and take them back in the same easy automated fashion, thereby maximizing returns on their holdings.

📈 Using CyberFi you can set a specific price for any token, and once that token reaches your specified price, the CyberFi protocol will automatically borrow it for you. This same function can also be used for automatically lending tokens based on your desired price.

ℹ️ Read more about the integration here: https://rb.gy/mne2a8

DeFi Education

Launching our DeFi Dissected Article Series: UniLend Comparison with Compound

Nov 5: 🙋‍♂️ Our community has requested further clarification on UniLend’s strengths as a DeFi protocol, so that’s what we’re delivering! We’ve launched a series outlining the differences between our protocol and other major DeFi players.

✅ The goal is to show the cryptosphere why we will be a major contender, with more to offer than our competitors. UniLend is a unique protocol, built from the ground up, that is capable of truly revolutionizing DeFi thanks to our comprehensive DeFi functionality and permissionless listing model.

🌐 Our first release was a comparison with Compound.

DeFi Dissected #2: UniLend Comparison with Balancer

Nov 7: 👏 We believe our community will be pleased to learn that UniLend and Balancer have similar features, though our protocol has some additional capabilities! You will come to realize that UniLend is meant to be a one-stop shop for all your DeFi needs.

📰 We believe that by educating our community, they will be fully ready to leverage our protocol’s extensive capabilities, when we launch in the near future.

🌐 Read the next article in our series here.

DeFi Dissected #3: UniLend and Maker Under the Spotlight

Nov 11: 🏟 Continuing our DeFi Dissected series, highlighting the strengths and weaknesses of UniLend and other leading DeFi protocols to reveal how UniLend is equipped to knock it out of the park, we next released a comparison between UniLend and Maker!

🤼‍♀️ DeFi Dissected is proving effective in getting our community, and any onlookers, up to speed on some key points of DeFi, while exhibiting UniLend’s competitive edge, specifically against MakerDAO in this article.

👀 Check out our comparison of UniLend and Maker here.

DeFi Dissected #4: UniLend Comparison with Uniswap

Nov 17: 🔬 Having previously placed Compound, Balancer and Maker under a microscope, next we shined a light on the undisputed leading DEX, Uniswap. As a trailblazer in DeFi and the backbone of the DeFi movement, UniLend was inspired by Uniswap in many ways.

🏪 We wish to accelerate Uniswap’s DeFi revolution by implementing new comprehensive DeFi functionality such as permissionless lending & borrowing, in addition to decentralized trading, in a single platform.

Here’s to advancing the decentralized revolution together 🥂

👀 Check out our comparison of UniLend and Uniswap here.

DeFi Dissected #5: UniLend & Aave Step Up to the Podium

Nov 24: 💥 In our newest release, a comparison between UniLend and Aave, we discuss the nitty gritty facts surrounding both of these powerful protocols and hope to enlighten our readers while doing so.

🏃‍♀️ Education is key and knowledge is power! Please take the time to DYOR and learn why UniLend is to be the next heavyweight contender in the DeFi scene.

🥇Cheers to the future of unlocking the true potential of DeFi!

👀 Check out our comparison of UniLend and Aave here.

Introducing UniLend’s Did You Know series!

Nov 28: 🦾 Much of the cryptosphere is still unaware of the revolutionary potential of UniLend. Therefore, we recently launched our Did You Know series to educate the community on the strengths and advantages of UniLend in the form of short, digestible, sharable facts.

👇Check out our first profound fact below!

🔬Did you know UniLend’s been meticulously studying the development of decentralized finance since day one? As a second-mover, UniLend aspires to optimize areas where other platforms have fallen short, to create a perfect product-market fit.

🏗 We’re striving to implement everything a user could possibly want in a DeFi platform. As such, it’s being built from the ground up, and out, to create the most convenient UX possible.

Community Outreach & Initiatives

Launching the First UniLend Meme Contest

Nov 7: 🥳 We initiated our first Meme Contest with the help of the Legion to showcase UniLend’s strengths and advantages by creating and posting UniLend-themed memes for chances at winning a share of $200 in UFT.

🦾 We encouraged our community to show us why they believe UniLend would have more to offer than other DeFi protocols. This meme contest was a side campaign to our DeFi Dissected series, where we compare UniLend to other major DeFi players.

👏 Over 150 memes were submitted by our amazing community! The talent on display has been incredible. We had a difficult time deciding the winners but the following stood out among the rest for their creativity, humor and core messages:

🥇1st place ($100): https://buff.ly/2HceIna

🥈2nd place ($50): https://buff.ly/3lVZYbr

🏅Runner up 1 ($25): https://buff.ly/36LnKjY

🏅Runner up 2 ($25): https://buff.ly/2IEQ13L

Give the winning submissions a like and share on Twitter!

Joining The AMA Room for an Insightful AMA

Nov 12: 🙋‍♂️ Continuing our public outreach and awareness push, our CEO & Co-founder, Chandresh Aharwar, joined The AMA Room Telegram group to connect with the community and answer everyone’s questions!

🗣 During this session Chandresh discussed various topics surrounding the UniLend protocol, our mission, progress so far, future plans, and anything else that community members wanted to know.

🎉 $100 in UFT was split among those who asked the 10 best questions!

AMA with the Get Rich with Mandy Community

Nov 16: 🤝Our CEO & Co-founder, Chandresh Aharwar, was invited to join the the Get Rich with Mandy Community for an AMA to share his insights on UniLend and our mission to unlock the true potential of DeFi.

🙋‍♂️ This AMA was an excellent opportunity for everyone to have all their questions answered! It was a pleasure to connect with the community.

💸 The 10 most interesting questions received a share of $100 in UFT!

AMA with Pramod’s Global Crypto Community

Nov 26: Our CEO & Co-founder, Chandresh Aharwar, represented UniLend during this special AMA. He highlighted why the UniLend protocol will be a force to reckon with once it’s launched and released information about the project’s future. In addition, he also answered questions from Twitter and questions asked live during the AMA.

🎁 Prizes will be given out to community members that asked the best questions on Twitter and live during the AMA. This is one of the many perks handed out for being part of these AMAs and showing your love.

👫👫 As a community centered project we love taking the time to help answer your unanswered questions; communication and transparency are key to fostering a healthy and informed community. We look forward to connecting with you in AMAs to come!

Team Updates

Introducing our new Marketing & Operations Lead, Ayush Garg!

Nov 4: 📚 Ayush has a wealth of experience in high-level traditional marketing. He is now bringing his expertise to UniLend to accelerate the DeFi movement.

📊 Previous Marketing & Operations experience:

• Uber Technologies Inc. — World-renowned transport company.

• Box8 — One of the most famous food chains of India.

• Startup Oasis — Initiated by IIM Ahmedabad and Rajasthan Gov.

💪 UniLend understands that this is a competitive space so we pride ourselves on selecting top-tier players to carry out nothing but excellence and success. With a strong team and innovative game changing tech, we can confidently move forward to establish our rightful place amongst the best in DeFi.

The UniLend team would like to thank our community for your incredible support. We remain available to you should you have any questions. Don’t hesitate to reach out!

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UniLend is a Multichain protocol for Lending & Borrowing all ERC20 tokens permissionlessly. We are developing a Futuristic Base Layer for all DeFi applications.

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UniLend Finance

UniLend Finance

UniLend is a Multichain protocol for Lending & Borrowing all ERC20 tokens permissionlessly. We are developing a Futuristic Base Layer for all DeFi applications.

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