UniLend & PolkaBridge Join Forces to Fortify Decentralized Finance


  • PolkaBridge offers the ability to swap tokens on the Polkadot platform with tokens on other chains
  • UniLend is equipping PolkaBridge’s token with flash loan & staking functionality
  • Our staking interface is very simple to use and can be done in a few short steps
  • We invite you to help us celebrate our collaboration with various rewarding community events

PolkabBridge’s decentralized, high performance platform enables users to swap tokens, add liquidity, lend/borrow, yield farm, and more between Polkadot and other blockchains.

PolkabBridge’s interoperability tools are very useful because they allow users of multiple blockchains to communicate with each other seamlessly.

UniLend is thrilled to be collaborating with PolkabBridge to bridge the gap between the Ethereum and Polkadot ecosystems. Working with PolkaBridge could bring an immense amount of liquidity and utility to UniLend’s Flash Loans protocol & lending market by granting interoperability with a wide variety of tokens that make up Polkadot’s rapidly-expanding network.

A Welcome Cooperation

This marks the beginning of what we hope will be a fruitful collaboration for both the UniLend and PolkaBridge communities.

Soon, UniLend will launch flash loans and staking functionality for PolkaBridge’s token. This integration will give PolkaBridge’s PBR holders the opportunity to stake their tokens on UniLend’s protocol and earn more PBR while providing liquidity for our flash loans functionality.

All PBR tokens that holders stake on UniLend will go straight into UniLend’s liquidity pools, which are connected to our Flash Loans protocol and act as a source of liquidity for anyone who uses them. Thus, by providing the PBR community with the opportunity to stake on UniLend, we also provide our Flash Loans protocol with a lot more liquidity. In addition, PBR stakers will earn rewards from our staking rewards pool, alongside the fees generated from the use of Flash Loans!

To up the ante even more, we’re co-hosting several events that are centred around our collaboration with PolkaBridge (timeline below). If you’ve been paying attention lately, you may have noticed that we’ve already participated in multiple very successful airdrops for other projects that recently launched on our platform.

Staking on UniLend

Staking on UniLend is as easy as can be, but we still encourage users to do their own research before jumping in. For those who would like to know more about how staking works and how to do it on UniLend, please check out our comprehensive written or video guide.

Briefly, the main steps for anyone looking to stake on UniLend include:

  • Visiting UniLend’s official staking interface
  • From the four buttons on the top (Lend, Redeem, Reward and Airdrop), simply use the Lend button to stake your tokens and the redeem button to remove them from the staking pool.

Make sure to never accidentally use the Reward & Airdrop buttons as they will take all your tokens and distribute them to the community.

PolkaBridge Flash Loans Event Timeline

To celebrate the launch of PolkaBridge’s PBR token flash loans and staking, we’re preparing some exciting activities in our global community groups, and we’re rewarding community members who participate!

  • 12th May: PBR Flash Loans and Staking to go live
  • 13th May: AMA in the UniLend global Telegram group
  • 13th May: 1000 retweet airdrop campaign
  • 15th May: Trivia contest
  • 16th May: Instagram quiz

We will share rewards details soon! Stay tuned to our Twitter and Telegram announcements channel to be sure not to miss it. It pays to stay up-to-date with UniLend’s latest developments!

Strategically Empowering Ecosystems

UniLend is working with many great projects to create mutually beneficial relationships. Our collaboration with PolkaBridge is particularly important as this marks UniLend’s entry into the Polkadot ecosystem.

Much like PolkaBridge, UniLend strives to maintain rapport with all the other projects in the defi world. We hope our communities see that we’re working hard to create an environment where amazing opportunities flourish.

There’s no time like the present to join our bright and enthusiastic community. If you’re looking to be part of a movement then you came to the right place. Take a moment to enjoy this time in history, this is the beginning of a monumental technological shift. If you’re looking to find like-minded individuals to discuss the future of decentralized finance then please come by any of our social platforms; you won’t be sorry. The time is now, jump in with both feet, learn about DeFi with our amazing community.

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