UniLend Partners With Genesis Shards to Become a Genpad Lending Partner for All Upcoming IDO’s


  • Genesis Shards is a Pre-IDO platform that allows people to use NFTs to gain access to Pre-IDO tokens
  • Genesis Shards is joining the UniLend ecosystem and collaborating with us to utilize our Flash Loan functionality
  • All Genesis Shards Pre-IDO projects’ tokens will get access to our Flash Loans & Lending features, thus rapidly expanding liquidity on UniLend for a wide array of promising tokens
  • Additional collaborative efforts between UniLend and Genesis Shards are also in the pipeline

Genesis Shards is a unique DeFi project that allows people to gain access to pre-IDO tokens for various projects. Genesis Shards does this by issuing NFTs that are backed by various tokens which are about to be offered in an IDO. In fact, Genesis Shards is one of the very first projects in DeFi to make a practical use case for NFTs.

Genesis Shards is now joining the UniLend ecosystem and collaborating with us to access our Flash Loans and lending to enhance their own ecosystem. This collaboration will open a new avenue for Genesis Shards’ pre-IDO projects to access UniLend’s Flash Loans and lending functionality. As a result of this collaboration, UniLend’s lending pools will receive a diverse array of tokens and additional liquidity.

Expanding the UniLend Flash Loans Ecosystem

Projects that conduct their pre-IDO on Genesis Shards will gain access to UniLend’s lending and Flash Loans features. Users who stake their tokens from these projects on UniLend’s platform will have their lending rewards amplified due to UniLend’s unique Flash Loans protocol, being that stakers receive a portion of the flash loan fees.

UniLend’s Flash Loan function acquires liquidity from liquidity pools that are connected to the lending protocol. This means that anyone who stakes their tokens on UniLend will be adding liquidity to the Flash Loans liquidity pools. This all can be completed in a couple clicks while using our intuitive user interface.

By collaborating with IDO and pre-IDO platforms, UniLend will connect with a vast array of promising up-and coming projects, introducing them to the power of our Flash Loans and lending and providing benefits for their flourishing communities at an early stage of their lifecycle. As new projects bring liquidity over to UniLend’s lending protocol, UniLend’s ecosystem will also expand rapidly. It’s a win-win!

New projects lending on UniLend will be required to bring additional liquidity, giving UniLend’s ecosystem a diverse array of tokens available for people to borrow from.

Strength in Numbers

UniLend is committed to building long term collaborations with all the projects we work with. Our collaboration with Genesis Shards will continue to blossom in the future, due to the valuable mutual benefits our projects can provide for one another. Furthermore, Chandresh Aharwar, our Co-founder and CEO, is a mentor to the Genesis Shards project and will make it part of his mission to continue his support.

The projects we choose to work with are always strategically selected for the long-term success of UniLend and the broader DeFi space; our mutually beneficial collaborations add value to our ecosystem as well as to those that we collaborate with.

Don’t sleep on the opportunity of a lifetime that is the flourishing DeFi ecosystem. This is the time to start learning about the future of decentralized finance, and joining any of our social platforms to connect with our global community is a great way to start.

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