UniLend is Now Live on the Ethereum Mainnet: Get Ready to Stake Your UFT!

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4 min readMar 30, 2021


  • Our flash loans and staking functions have now been deployed on the Ethereum mainnet.
  • UniLend’s flash loans product passed the security audit by Certik.
  • Users can now stake their UFT tokens to earn a share of our rewards pool, rewarding at a rate of 1% of the pool per day.
  • In addition to staking and flash loans, UniLend’s airdrop function is also live, giving teams that want to acquire more traction the option to airdrop tokens to stakers on UniLend.
  • As UniLend learns more about how people will use our cutting-edge flash loans product, more assets and functionality will be added.

After much anticipation, UniLend is now live on the Ethereum mainnet! Having passed our Certik security audit with flying colours, UniLend is thrilled to be launching two new products on the mainnet: Staking and Flash Loans.

UniLend’s staking product will enable UFT holders to earn interest on their tokens, while the liquidity provided from staking will serve as the liquidity pools for flash loans. Additionally, UniLend’s ‘airdrop’ function will enable teams to airdrop tokens to users staking on UniLend. Furthermore, our new ‘reward’ function will allow anyone to add to the already existing rewards stakers will receive.

Moreover, users will soon see the addition of new tokens with added staking and flash loan functionality after the first phase of our mainnet launch. This is the first time in the history of DeFi that a protocol will allow every token to be equipped with all of these new features. This day will go down in history as the beginning of a new age of DeFi.

We’re thrilled for the mainnet launch, and we hope you’re excited to use our products!

Audited by Certik

UniLend’s flash loans functionality is fully developed and the code has been audited by industry-leading audit providers Certik to maximize security. Flash loans is one of UniLend’s core products, and now that the audit is complete, we’re finally ready to launch!

We know how enthusiastic our community has been about UniLend’s flash loans — the most comprehensive and cost-effective flash loans product on the market — and we thank you for being patient while we waited for its audit to establish program correctness and hacker-resistance. Now that we’ve ensured UniLend’s cybersecurity, we’re ready to launch and we’re excited to learn how the community will use our cutting-edge flash loans product.

UFT Staking is Going Live!

With the mainnet launch, users can now stake their UFT tokens by adding them to the UFT Flash Loans Liquidity pool in return for rewards. 1% of the rewards pool will be distributed to stakers every day, in proportion to each person’s staked amount. It pays to start staking your UFT early!

Staking UFT provides liquidity so that users of our flash loan product will have liquidity to source when making flash loan transactions.

This is a highly-anticipated function that many of our users have been waiting for.

Launching the Industry’s Most Competitive Flash Loans

With the launch of our mainnet and our audit completion, UniLend is ready to take the DeFi space by storm by launching the most cost-effective and comprehensive flash loans product on the market!

Our low-cost and gas-efficient flash loans will offer a low fee of only 0.05%. Of the total fee collected, 70% will be awarded to token stakers, and we will use the remaining 30% to market buy UFT and burn the tokens.

Airdrops & Rewards

In addition to the launch of our mainnet and flash loans, we have also included an ‘airdrop’ function. This function allows teams that want to acquire more traction the option of airdropping tokens to stakers on UniLend. There’s a chance that once the platform reaches a certain amount of liquidity, UniLend may airdrop UFT to all stakers.

The ‘reward’ function will also be available for anyone to use. Using this function, teams will be able to add to the already existing staking rewards pool. This can possibly be used for projects that want to get more exposure or for the UniLend team to increase rewards to further incentivize stakers.

Get Ready to Experience the Power of UniLend

Once again, we’d like to sincerely thank the entire UniLend community for continually supporting us as we prepared for our launch. A project is nothing without a strong community, and we are so thankful for ours.

This is just the start for UniLend and we have many products in the pipeline left to launch. Keep watching our announcements channel for upcoming developments. Also feel free to join our global and quickly growing vibrant community on all our social platforms.

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