UniLend & Injective Protocol Strike an Integral Partnership to Usher in Yield Farming for Derivatives

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2 min readJan 29, 2021


  • UniLend and Injective are partnering to allow users to yield farm on UniLend using Injective’s derivative products
  • Injective helps in the creation and trading of derivatives markets, while UniLend’s innovative borrowing/lending functionality will amplify the use cases of these markets
  • $INJ and $UFT will be listed on one other’s platforms soon, further expanding the current reach of both parties
  • Together we’ll unlock groundbreaking DeFi strategies never before seen in the space

UniLend is partnering with Injective Protocol to unlock new yield farming opportunities for derivatives products. Users will be able to utilize UniLend’s powerful borrowing & lending platform with Injective’s derivative products. Naturally, this means that $INJ (Injective’s token) will be listed on UniLend. Additionally, $UFT will launch on Injective’s decentralized trading platform in the near future, to further expand the reach of both tokens.

Prepare for Liftoff!

Injective has taken the industry by storm, securing many valuable strategic partnerships and capturing the attention of the entire space. We’re excited to work with this cutting-edge project knowing that we’re both pushing the boundaries of DeFi together. Being that Injective Protocol is a fully-decentralized sidechain relayer network that serves as a layer-2 derivatives platform, trade execution coordinator (TEC), and decentralized orderbook, Injective will pair nicely with UniLend’s permissionless capabilities for lending and borrowing.

Strap yourself in tight, this rocket is ready to blast off to a brave new DeFi world!

Exploring New Frontiers in DeFi

Our collaboration with Injective introduces brave, new, and more flexible options for the DeFi industry as a whole. While Injective helps in the creation and trading of derivatives markets, UniLend’s innovative borrowing/lending functionality will help to amplify the use cases of these markets.

Injective recently announced the release of a number of novel markets, such as decentralized stock and decentralized FX futures, which were never before seen in the crypto industry; we’ve entered a new era of reconciling traditional assets with decentralized ones. Now our users can lend out these derivative products using UniLend — providing an avenue for additional capital generation through interest payments.

Onward to Glory!

As we blast off, we look forward to working alongside Injective to unlock brand new DeFi strategies never before seen in the crypto space, for products brand new to the industry. This is as cutting-edge as it comes!

Our collaboration with Injective will be a major step forward as we continue our mission to become an unmatched DeFi leader.

Understand that we’re in the early stages of our collaboration with Injective Protocol; expect to see much more on the subject! Follow us on our social platforms to stay up-to-date with the unique upcoming releases that’ll come from our joint efforts.

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