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Welcome back to the September Month Highlights!

This month started with a bang as we launched UniLend Governance and hosted the UniLend Governance Showcase. We’re witnessing tremendous community participation in the governance process just a few weeks after the launch, receiving 6 governance proposals.

Our team attended top-tier crypto events such as Token2049 and Korea Blockchain Week, significantly propelling our DeFi revolution within the web3 space. These achievements represent a pivotal milestone in our journey, and we want to express our sincere gratitude to our supportive community for their constant support.

s we venture boldly into the future, brace yourselves for a transformative journey like no other!

UniLend Governance: https://vote.unilend.finance/

Check out UniLend V2 Testnet: https://testnet.unilend.finance

The UniLend Team is grateful for those who have been with us through every exciting stage of this journey and welcomes those who have only recently joined us.

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Major Highlights

Showcase UniLend Governance on Binance LIVE!

September 4: To celebrate the launch of UniLend Governance, we hosted a special event on Binance Live, which attracted over 2,500 participants. Anmol Gaur, our Business Developer, and Ayush Garg, the Marketing and Operations Lead, joined Binance LIVE to talk about UniLend Governance, UFTG, our future plans, and more!

Missed the live event? You can watch the full recap here: https://www.binance.com/en/live/video?roomId=2151196

We also gave away a total of $500 in UFT rewards during the livestream through an exciting LIVE Q&A and Twitter Q&A session!

Stay tuned for more exciting events like this: https://t.me/UniLendFinance

Received 6 Governance Proposals on UniLend Commonwealth Forum!

September 30: In just a few weeks after our launch, we have seen a tremendous increase in community involvement in governance. We received 6 governance proposals on our commonwealth forum, reflecting the active engagement and dedication of our community.

You have the opportunity to significantly influence the future of UniLend by actively participating in discussions, submitting proposals, engaging in the voting processes, and exercising your valuable voting rights. Become an essential contributor to shaping UniLend’s trajectory and play a crucial role in building its promising future!

Join our Commonwealth Forum now: https://commonwealth.im/unilend-finance/discussions

UniLend Governance Documentation is now LIVE!

September 12: We released UniLend Governance documentation on Gitbook. Your ultimate resource to take part in our governance process. Discover how to:

  • Create effective UIP
  • Join forum discussions
  • Cast Snapshot votes & more

Start now: https://vote.unilend.finance/

Access GitBook ➡️https://unilend.gitbook.io/unilend-finance/v/governance/

At UniLend, our goal is to empower our community with decision-making, voting rights & more. Through Governance, we embrace decentralization, maintain transparency, and foster inclusivity.

UniLend supported MOI DevX: MOI Singapore Token2049 Bootcamp with $1000 worth UFT in Bounty Rewards!

September 08: UniLend supported MOI’s Bootcamp MOI DevX held in Token2049 Singapore with $1000 worth UFT in bounty rewards. In this bounty, talented BUIDLers have to mint UFT tokens to build robust and secure DeFi apps using Cocolang. UniLend continues to stand at the forefront of the DeFi space, actively contributing to the growth of the ecosystem. Our ongoing mission is to empower entrepreneurs, developers, and enthusiasts within the industry.

UniLend Finance at Token2049 Singapore: Event Recap!

September 13: UniLend team had an incredible time at Token2049 Singapore, one of the premier crypto events. The event attracted 10,000+ attendees, 400+ side events, and 300+ speakers all focused on advancing the global Web3 ecosystem for transformative finance and beyond.

We had an exciting time connecting with web3 builders and projects like Coin98 wallet, Shardeum, and more. We explored new opportunities in DeFi and attended events like Ordinals Summit, InfraCon x GrowthCon and DeFi Jam. UniLend continues to stand at the forefront of the DeFi space, actively contributing to the growth of the ecosystem.

In case you missed it, catch the event highlights here: https://unilend.medium.com/unilend-finance-at-token2049-singapore-event-highlights-97d48d6615b5

Wrapping up the UniLend V2 Testnet $5000 Campaign in style!

September 19: We launched. We tested. We conquered. To celebrate the V2 launch, we invited users to test our revolutionary permissionless lending & borrowing protocol & the response was mind-blowing. Thanks to the community’s feedback we have enhanced V2 testnet for a smoother experience.

  • 50k+ transactions on V2!
  • 35+ Liquidity Pools
  • 3.7k+ Participants
  • Reached out to 75k+ members
  • 50 winners won $100 in UFTG each!

Congratulations to all the winners: https://bit.ly/45MWhvr

With the Governance launch, we’re giving away UFTG to empower our community in shaping our protocol’s future. A huge shoutout to all the amazing participants who lent and borrowed tokens, playing a pivotal role in this astounding success!

Collaborations & Integrations

Oort Digital joined the UniLend ecosystem!

September 27: Oort Digital provides outsourced NFT utilities with gamification, enabling brands, teams, and individuals to engage with their communities in a safe, fun, and rewarding way. To further expand our flourishing global network, UniLend and Oort Digital are joining forces to revolutionize the money markets and make every digital asset productive.

Welcomed Pandora Finance into the ecosystem!

September 06: Pandora Finance is a decentralized ecosystem that leverages existing blockchain infrastructure and Web3 Space to seamlessly induce liquidity to the multi-asset classes.

To further expand our flourishing global network, UniLend and Pandora Finance are joining forces to revolutionize the money markets and make every digital asset productive.

Community Outreach & Education


UniLend Joined Dmail Infra Innovation Seminar | FREE 8–11 digit Dmail NFT account on TaskOn!

September 28: UniLend joined Dmail’s Innovation Seminar, inviting all the users a chance to win a share of the $50,000 Prize Pool distribution. Complete tasks on Taskon for a shot at a free 8–11 digit Dmail NFT account. Join fast — the campaign ends on October 8th, 10 AM UTC.

Complete all tasks on TaskOn to win: https://taskon.xyz/campaign/detail/11988

UniLend V1 has a New Destination!

September 14: UniLend V1 has a New Destination. Start Lending now with our updated V1 Dapp link: https://v1.unilend.finance/lend

Anyone can now utilize permissionless lending and flash loan functionality on any token with V1.


UniLend team attended Korean Blockchain Week 2023!

September 07: UniLend team attended Korea Blockchain Week 2023. Our team had an exhilarating time connecting with web3 BUILDers and projects. We engaged in discussions to explore the fresh possibilities within the DeFi ecosystem, forming new synergies to collectively innovate in the web3 space.

UniLend Finance attended the Ordinals Summit 2023

September 12: In Singapore, our team enjoyed attending the groundbreaking Ordinals Summit 2023 on September 12, 2023, at Parkroyal Collection Marina Bay. It was a standout event during Crypto Asia Week, drawing global attendees ahead of the Formula 1 Singapore Grand Prix 2023 weekend.

FREE Token2049 — Singapore Crypto Biggest Event Ticket Giveaway!

September 11: As part of our community initiative, we gave away a free Token2049 ticket and we were excited to announce Canelo Paul as the lucky winner. Through initiatives like these, we aspire to empower our community with the knowledge, experiences, and connections necessary to navigate and contribute to the exciting and ever-evolving Web3 landscape.

In case you missed this event, join the socials now: https://twitter.com/UniLend_Finance


Introducing UIP: Fostering Community-Driven Innovation on UniLend!

September 2nd: Power up with UIP to introduce new features, upgrades & more — actively shaping our protocol. Anyone can craft UIPs, engage in discussions, and cast their votes on these proposals.

  • Start discussions via UIP
  • Vote on UIPs
  • Approved UIP became a reality

Read more: https://unilend.medium.com/introducing-uip-fostering-community-drivern-innovation-on-unilend-e9c77c803274

At UniLend, we aim to empower every voice in the UniLend community and drive innovation & growth.

Twitter Spaces

Joined LIVE Twitter Spaces AMA in Commonwealth | $100 in UFT Giveaway!

September 22nd: On September 22nd, our Business Developer, Anmol Gaur joined Commonwealth for a LIVE Twitter Spaces AMA session. He had a blast time at AMA filled with insightful discussions about UniLend Governance, UFTG, our partnership & much more. In case you missed it, tune in for a recap here: https://twitter.com/i/spaces/1dRKZEjyMYAxB

Did You Know Series

As part of our Did You Know series, we shared three interesting facts about UniLend, that we bet you didn’t know. Check out the facts below

1. Shape UniLend’s future with UniLend Improvement Proposals (UIP)

Anyone can create UIP to bring in new features and upgrades & more — actively shape the protocol.

  • Start discussions via UIP
  • Vote on UIP
  • Approved UIP becomes a reality

Get Started: https://unilend.gitbook.io/unilend-finance/v/governance/

2. UniLend launched its Wrapped Governance token: UFTG. Your Gateway to Community Governance!

UFTG empowers the community to shape our protocol’s future:

  • Participate in Governance
  • Exercise Voting Power
  • Seamless Conversion

UFTG acts as your entry point to governance, but let’s be crystal clear — it’s a wrap, not a new token!

Read More: https://unilend.medium.com/introducing-uftg-portkey-to-community-governance-169d313ad9cb

Community Initiatives & Updates

Dropping DeFiMonk NFTs with Mercle!

September 29: We’re dropping our dynamic “DeFiMonk” NFTs collection in collaboration with Mercle on 4th October, 2023. Mercle transforms community interaction by introducing game-inspired elements, allowing communities to recognize, incentivize, and uplift their most active participants.

Stay tuned for more updates: https://discord.gg/zCD468CxRn

Superstar Community Members

Wizzy Bankz: August Pride of UniLend!

September 16: We awarded Wizzy Bankz with Pride of UniLend for August 2023.

His unwavering dedication to spreading our DeFi revolution through engaging and informative graphics & memes is admirable. As a token of our appreciation, we would like to give her a UniLend Exclusive NFT.

Yómí Succinct: August Shield of Excellence!

September 26: We awarded Yómí Succinct with Shield of Excellence for August 2023.
We appreciate his amazing support in actively spreading about our DeFi revolution through captivating infographics & memes is admirable. As a token of our appreciation, we would like to give him a UniLend Exclusive NFT!

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