UniLend Finance | Project Updates #21 | June 2022

UniLend Finance | Project Updates #21 | June 2022

Announcing UniLend’s Project Updates #21

Buckle up for exciting updates that happened in June month. It’s time to recap this month. We have some awesome news to share with you guys!

This month, we celebrated UFT token listing on Binance Convert, UniLend’s UFT is supported on Coinbase Custody and also available to trade on Coinbase Wallet. We also welcomed three new partners to our ecosystem. On popular demand, UFT Flexible Savings went live on Binance. We also organized AMAs as part of our community outreach initiatives.

UniLend v2 OMNIS Guild Applications are still open! Get early access to the OMNIS testnet & get incentivised for finding the bugs in the protocol.

Submit your Tester application: https://bit.ly/3a4EIir

Grab some virtual tea & let’s look back at what UniLend Finance has achieved so far!

The UniLend Team is grateful for those who have been with us through every exciting stage of this journey and welcomes those who have only recently joined us.

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💫 Major Highlights

Celebrated UniLend’s UFT listing on Binance Convert 🔄

June 01: We’re thrilled to share that UniLend’s UFT is listed on Binance Convert.

🏦Users can easily buy UFT by converting assets like $BTC $ETH $MATIC $BNB, international forex currencies $EUR $GBP & stablecoins $USDT $USDC $DAI at zero fee & no slippage.

🔄 Convert here: https://www.binance.com/en/convert

UniLend’s UFT is supported on Coinbase Custody 🤩

June 14: 🏦HODL on Tight! Institutional Investors and Fund Managers can now securely deposit and withdraw UFT on the world’s most trusted crypto cold storage, Coinbase Custody!

➡️ Learn more here: https://custody.coinbase.com/assets

UFT is available to trade on Coinbase Wallet⚡️

June 24: 🔄 In case you didn’t notice. Users can easily trade UFT with any other supported asset on Coinbase Wallet.

📖Read Full Guide here: https://www.coinbase.com/how-to-buy/unilend

🤝 Collaborations & Integrations

Welcomed Fabwelt into the ecosystem🎮

June 09: 🎮Polygon Grants Winners for Best Gaming Project, Fabwelt is joining our ecosystem!

🤝In this partnership, UniLend will be listed on their DeFi portal. In addition, UniLend will empower Fabwelt’s $WELT token with our lending and borrowing functionality after our v2 OMNIS mainnet launch.

🏦Fabwelt will add liquidity for the lending and borrowing functionality.

🥂We’re looking forward to this fruitful partnership.

ACY Finance joined the UniLend Ecosystem 🏦

June 15: 📊ACY Finance is a decentralized crypto trading protocol that enables the most profitable, fastest and protected operation.

⚡️In this collaboration, UniLend’s UFT will be listed on their DEX Aggregator. UniLend will empower ACY Finance’s stablecoins with our lending and borrowing functionality after the v2 OMNIS mainnet launch.

🚀 Our vision is to make every digital asset productive. Providing lending & borrowing for stablecoins is the right step in the direction of achieving our vision.

Welcomed MyTrade as our Strategic Partner 📊

June 20: 📊MyTrade is a next-generation decentralized exchange that looks and feels like a centralized exchange. Takers will get the best price, and makers enjoy 0% trading fees.

🤝In this partnership, users can now trade UFT/ETH pairs on MyTrade Polygon. UniLend will empower MyTrade’s $MYT token with our flagship lending & borrowing functionality after the UniLend v2 OMNIS mainnet launch.

Cheers to this mutually beneficial partnership🥂

📣 Community Outreach & Education

UniLend’s UFT Flexible Savings Live on Binance💰

June 02: On Popular Demand, UniLend’s UFT Flexible Savings is live on Binance.

HODLing UFT is more fruitful than ever! Users can stake your UFT with the flexibility to transfer & securely earn interest from it.

➡️ Stake here: https://www.binance.com/en/savings#lending-demandDeposits

Watch the recap of our Grand UniLend v2 OMNIS Unveiling on Binance LIVE 📺

June 20: More than 8k people witnessed the magic of UniLend v2 OMNIS for the first time. Our CEO Chandresh Aharwar joined Binance LIVE for an exciting AMA session to discuss the possibilities UniLend OMNIS brings to the DeFi 2.0.

Total $5000 rewards were distributed during the Livestream for an exciting LIVE Q&A session, Social Q&A, and Signup Bonus followed by a fun UniLend OMNIS-related quiz.

📺 Watch Full LIVE Recap here: https://youtu.be/NEfD4_UyXmo

🥂Thank you everyone for joining and supporting us! Follow us for more exciting events like these: https://twitter.com/UniLend_Finance

Highlighting UniLend V2 OMNIS Innovative Features👩‍🏫

June 07: Blown away by the response on the UniLend v2 OMNIS Guild application. We summarised our educational Insider Series for the community. If you are new & want to know about v2 OMNIS’s innovative features❓🤔

📚Read the Blog here for a summary: https://bit.ly/3NruW8N

Our vision is to be the base layer for future DeFi innovations in Web3 space. Stay Tuned for upcoming updates: https://t.me/UniLendAnnouncement

📊 Exchange & Aggregator Listings

More than 1 Million Zapper users have access to UniLend’s UFT📲

June 11: 📲 Zapper is an asset management platform for web3. Easily track and visualize all your DeFi assets and liabilities in one simple interface.

🏦Users can now easily track, swap UFT at the best rates and instantly transfer UFT between Polygon and Ethereum networks all under one platform.

📊Utilise Zapper Today: https://zapper.fi/exchange

💪Community Initiatives & Updates

SimpleHold’s Marketing Manager and Product Manager joined UniLend TG Community for AMA session | $100 in UFT distributed🎙

June 14: 🎙 On June 14, Ramsey Product Manager and Barbara, Marketing Manager of SimpleHold joined the UniLend community for an exciting AMA session.

💰During AMA, queries and questions were answered from the telegram community. You missed out on a chance to win a share of $100 in UFT if you didn’t catch our AMA live.

➡️ Check out our AMA transcript here: https://bit.ly/3N5yEUA

Congratulations to the winners of $5000 rewards in UniLend v2 OMNIS Grand Reveal on Binance LIVE🏆

June 02:🎉To celebrate the Grand Reveal, we organised Live AMA, Social Q&A, Quiz and Sign Up bonus during the Livestream & give users a chance to win $5000 rewards!

💰Over 8k people participated and lucky winners won a share in $5000 rewards!

Checkout Winners here➡️ https://bit.ly/3PQrcj3

🙌 Thank you awesome community members for participating and making this a memorable event!

📺 Watch Full LIVE Recap here: https://youtu.be/NEfD4_UyXmo

🔔Stay Tuned for more exciting events: https://t.me/UniLendAnnouncement

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