UniLend Finance | Project Updates #19 | April 2022

UniLend Finance | Project Updates #19 | April 2022

Announcing UniLend’s Project Updates #19

Time files and April have now come to an end!🚀

This month, we reached a milestone of executing more than $50 Million worth of Flash Loans on UniLend V1 Permissionless Protocol. To celebrate Easter Day’s spirit, we organized UniLend First Ever Easter Treasure Hunt for our community members. Also for education initiatives, we launched Beginner’s guide for Lending and Borrowing. UniLend welcomed new projects in the ecosystem. As part of the community initiatives, we organized Instagram Word Search Puzzle, AMAs, and much more.

Here’s a quick recap of everything that went down at UniLend Finance in April 2022.

The UniLend Team is grateful for those who have been with us through every exciting stage of this journey and welcomes those who have only recently joined us.

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Major Highlights

More than $50 Million worth of Flash Loans executed on UniLend V1 Permissionless Protocol⚡️

April 07: We reached the milestone of executing more than $50 Million worth of Flash Loans on our V1 Permissionless Protocol. Our permissionless Flash Loans have grown tremendously over the past 1 year on 4 major blockchains: Polygon, Ethereum, BSC & Moonriver!🎉

Our Dapp Link: https://app.unilend.finance

📊 Key Stats:
•$30.8 Million+ on Polygon

•$18.8 Million+ on Binance Smart Chain

•$547k+ on Ethereum

🪙 Token Listed
• More than 30 tokens are listed on the V1 protocol for lending & flash loans.
• We have also listed native tokens of major blockchains for flash loans & lending functionality: $WMATIC $BNB $WMOVR $WETH
• V1 launched on Moonriver as the first flash loan service on Kusama.

📲 DApp Deployed: uBoost
uBoost is an interface that allows crypto users to borrow any amount of tokens using UniLend Flash Loans without any coding.
• uBoost Dapp has integrated 9 DEXs across Polygon, Ethereum & BSC executing over 15k+ transactions.
• uBoost DApp Link: https://uboost.xyz/

🥂This is just the beginning of our journey to revolutionize the DeFi world.

Collaborations & Integrations

Welcomed Router Protocol into UniLend Ecosystem🚀

April 06: ⛓ Router Protocol is a modular infrastructure layer enabling blockchains to communicate with each other.

🤝 In this collaboration, users can now swap assets from multiple chains for $UFT on Router protocol.

⚡️In addition, UniLend will empower Router’s $ROUTE token with lending & flash loans functionality.

🥂We’re looking forward to this mutually beneficial partnership.

UniLend’s $UFT is now integrated on SimpleHold Wallet!🏦

April 11: 🏦 SimpleHold is a light wallet that was created by the SimpleSwap team with the main focus on safety and usability. It supports over 153+ cryptocurrencies and built-in exchanges via SimpleSwap, web3 integrations, and price tracking.

✅For users $BTC-$UFT pair is available for a swap via SimpleSwap, store, receive, and send on SimpleHold instantly.

📲 Utilize SimpleHold today: https://simplehold.io/

Propel Joins the UniLend Ecosystem🔰

April 13: 🔰Propel is a global blockchain infrastructure solution platform that offers end-to-end, plug-and-play infrastructure solutions to DeFi, NFT, and Metaverse projects.

🤝In this partnership, both UniLend & Propel will help each other to give DeFi growth & introduce our teams to other DeFi & Metaverse platforms for future collaborations.

⚡️In addition, UniLend will empower Propel’s $PEL token with lending & borrowing functionality.

🚀Together we will achieve new frontiers in the crypto space.

📊 Exchange & Aggregator Listings

Track UFT on The Crypto App!📲

April 01: 📲The Crypto App is a mobile app that allows users to efficiently and easily track what’s happening in the crypto market by monitoring data from 6,000+ coins and 100+ exchanges.

✅Users can now easily track $UFT pricing across major exchanges, set pricing alerts, and get deeper insights into specific price movements using advanced charts.

📊Track $UFT here: https://bit.ly/3K3BZCT

Community Outreach & Education


Joined CyberFi TG Community for an AMA Session | $100 in $UFT distributed🎙

April 19: 🎙On the 19th of April, our Marketing & Operations Lead, Ayush Garg, and Community Lead, Vishal Kothari joined CyberFi TG Community to discuss our upcoming UniLend Omnis and how it’s going to revolutionize the DeFi space.

💰 $100 in UFT was distributed to AMA and Twitter question winners.


Latest #EdUniLend Beginner Guide to Lending & Borrowing to start your DeFi journey!

April 21: 👩‍🏫Learn the ABCs of Lending and Borrowing in the decentralized finance industry to start your DeFi journey!

📖Read EdUniLend’s latest beginner guide to DeFi’s Lending & Borrowing: https://bit.ly/37EFyBw

✅Check this out and do follow our talented UniLend Intern for more educational content!

Community Initiatives & Updates

We’re Hiring! UniLend Team is expanding👩‍💻

April 25: 👨‍💻Are you done learning about Web3? Here’s your chance to put your Web3 knowledge into action with UniLend Finance!

Apply if you are :

🔸React Web3 Developer
🔸Senior Solidity Engineer
🔸Solidity Engineer
🔸UI/UX Designer

⚡️UniLend Team is looking for candidates who have experience in Web3 and are creative, technical, and effective.

Apply Here ➡️ https://bit.ly/3KfhFOa

🥂We’re committed to helping you grow, challenging you with difficulties, unleashing your full potential & celebrating our successes & failures together in this journey!

Easter Day

Celebrated Easter Day 🐰 by organizing UniLend’s First-Ever Easter Treasure Hunt! | $100 in $UFT rewarded!🕵️

April 20: We organized the Easter Treasure Hunt to celebrate the Easter Day spirits with our community members. It was designed to learn about UniLend through a fun activity & win $100 in $UFT!

🕵️Hunters were provided with a series of clues that will direct them through various UniLend-related resources.

💰10 lucky winners were randomly chosen from those who managed to complete the Hunt.

🏆Checkout winners here: https://t.me/UniLendAnnouncement/686

⚡️Thank you everyone for participating and making this a huge success.

📣For more exciting events! Stay Tuned here: https://t.me/UniLendAnnouncement

Organized Exciting Instagram Word Search Puzzle!🧩

April 27: We organized an exciting word search puzzle on our Instagram page for our community members.

🕵️Participants need to spot 3 cryptos slang/terms and comment on the post.

🏆If a person spots more than 3 words she/he won a special prize!

✅Follow us on Instagram for more exciting events: https://instagram.com/unilendfinance/

Twitter Spaces

PolkaBridge’s Marketing Manager joined UniLend Twitter Spaces for AMA Session | $100 in $PBR distributed!🎙

April 15:🚀 Javier Delgado, Marketing Manager of PolkaBridge joined the UniLend Twitter Spaces for an AMA about collaborating with UniLend.

💰If you didn’t catch our AMA live, you missed out on a chance to win a share of $100 in PBR. Try to join us next time. It pays to participate!

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UniLend is a Multichain protocol for Lending & Borrowing all ERC20 tokens permissionlessly. We are developing a Futuristic Base Layer for all DeFi applications.

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UniLend Finance

UniLend Finance

UniLend is a Multichain protocol for Lending & Borrowing all ERC20 tokens permissionlessly. We are developing a Futuristic Base Layer for all DeFi applications.

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