UniLend Finance | Project Updates #16

Announcing UniLend’s Project Updates #16 | January 2022

Announcing UniLend’s Project Updates #16

Starting 2022 year with a bang, beginning with UniLend’s Omnis WhitePaper got released and UniLend Omnis has been audited by PeckShield, one of the leading blockchain security company. We also collaborated with Mobius Finance in which UFT HODLers will be able to mint stablecoin $moUSD by using UFT as collateral on the Mobius platform. We also celebrated Republic Day with WazirX and gave away a total of $20,000 as a special welcome offer to new 1,000 users on WazirX and much more.

We also received appreciation from Binance’s Founder and CEO, Changpeng Zhao (CZ) as we joined CoinMarketCap’s exclusive project Gravity. Our co-founders (Chandresh Aharwar & Tarun Malik) also joined the Panel Discussion at Moonriver Ecosystem Festival to discuss integration on Moonriver. As part of the community initiatives, we organized Giveaways, Instagram competition, AMAs, and much more. As the new year begins filled with new adventures & new progress. We have lots of exciting updates to share with the community.

Get ready to catch up on everything that went down at UniLend Finance in January 2022.

The UniLend Team is grateful for those who have been with us through every exciting stage of this journey and welcomes those who have only recently joined us.

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Major Highlights

UniLend OMNIS Whitepaper Released!🎉

January 31:🚀The Whitepaper will highlight the latest version of our protocol, UniLend v2, which brings the dual asset pools for lending & borrowing with price feed oracles and gas optimization.

✅ With the release of our Whitepaper, users will be able to understand and learn more about protocol architecture, products, and services of our revolutionary protocol.

📑 Check out Whitepaper here:


UniLend Omnis smart contracts have been audited by PeckShield🛡

January 27:🛡PeckShield is a leading blockchain security company with the goal of elevating the security, privacy, and usability of current blockchain ecosystems by offering top-notch, industry-leading services and products.

🦾 Audits are finally complete after tremendous effort! Our topmost priority is security for our ecosystem users.

👨‍💻PeckShield’s world-class cybersecurity experts have delivered security audits of key players in the blockchain ecosystem such as Aave, SushiSwap, Harmony, and many more.

💠 Checkout our Audit here: https://bit.ly/3KPUTOE

Thank you PeckShield for giving our community an assured future!

We collaborated with Mobius Finance to Disrupt Money Markets in DeFi🏦

January 11: 🤝Through this collaboration, UniLend HODLers will be now able to mint stablecoin $moUSD by using UFT as collateral on the Mobius platform.

💰Mobius will help us bootstrap the initial liquidity for users to lend or borrow their $moUSD tokens.

📚Read details in the blog: https://bit.ly/3JTr3YW

🚀Our vision is to make every digital asset productive. Providing lending & borrowing for stablecoins is the right step in the direction to achieving our vision.

Collaborations & Integrations

UniLend Finance is part of CoinMarketCap exclusive project Gravity!🌐

January 12: 📣 We’re spreading our DeFi revolution to hundreds of millions of CoinMarketCap users!

🗣Live Discussion Board feature is now available for users to interact and have real-time discussions!

📰 UniLend articles will be published under the CMC news section for its users.

🌐 Join Us here: https://coinmarketcap.com/currencies/unilend

🤩 This is a great initiative by CoinMarketCap to consolidate data in a streamlined manner & make it accessible to crypto users.

Thank you CoinMarketCap for this amazing feature!🔥

Community Outreach & Education

Joined forces with WazirX to celebrate Indian Republic Day 2022! $20,000 UFT welcome offer for new users on WazirX📊

January 27: On 27th January, we joined forces with WazirX to celebrate Republic Day 2022. In this, we give away $20,000 in UFT special welcome offer to 1,000 new users who trade/buy UFT worth $100 on WazirX. This campaign ran for 4 days period.

🦾 The motive here is to make you discover your financial f₹eedom — just by entering the cryptoverse.

UniLend’s Co-Founders attended Moonriver Ecosystem Festival for an exciting Panel Discussion 💬

January 26: On January 26th, UniLend Co-founders Chandresh Aharwar and Tarun Malik joined Moonriver Ecosystem Festival for an exciting Panel Discussion co-hosted by PolkaWarriors and DotMarketCap.

💬Chandresh and Tarun discuss our Moonriver integration and its ecosystem. They also answered questions from community members.

🌐 Catch our panel discussion recap here: https://twitter.com/i/spaces/1YpKkZpVNPyxj

UniLend Finance Rewind 2021🚀

January 06: 🚀As we’re entering the New Year to conquer new territories & dwarf our previous achievements. For the last time, we released a UniLend recap and throw light on what good had happened in 2021.🥂

🌐 Here’s UniLend Finance Rewind 2021: https://bit.ly/34f7TfJ

🥂UniLend has led the revolution in the DeFi world by being the first-ever permissionless protocol for lending & flash loans, introducing UniLend Omnis, forging meaningful partnerships, and much more.

⚡️This has been an astonishing journey in bringing our vision of unlocking the true potential of DeFi to reality.

🦾We gratefully thank our community members who have encouraged and supported us throughout this journey.


Latest #EdUniLend Guide on how to set up Binance Smart Chain on Metamask wallet to start lending📓

January 17: ⚡️Earn High APY on low transaction fees by lending any BEP20 tokens on our Permissionless Protocol.

🚀Check out EdUniLend latest guide on how to set up BSC on your MetaMask wallet to start lending.

Check this out and do follow them: @UniLendIntern

➡️ Read Guide Here: https://bit.ly/33JZdO5

UniLend joined CoinmarketCap’s Gravity project got appreciation from Binance’s Founder and CEO, Changpeng Zhao (CZ)🦾

January 13: 🚀 Binance’s Founder & CEO Changpeng Zhao (CZ) appreciated UniLend being part of CoinMarketCap’s exclusive project, Gravity.

🌐 Checkout Tweet Here: https://twitter.com/cz_binance/status/1481337076335677440


AMA Session in CoverCompared TG Community | $100 in $UFT distributed🎙

January 15: 🎙 Our Marketing & Operations Lead, Ayush Garg joined CoverCompared TG Community to discuss our upcoming UniLend Omnis and how it’s going to revolutionize the DeFi space.

💰 $100 in UFT was distributed to AMA and Twitter questions winners.

AMA Session in Mobius Finance TG Community | $100 in $UFT distributed🎙

January 15: 🎙 Our Marketing & Operations Lead, Ayush Garg joined Mobius Finance TG Community to discuss our upcoming UniLend Omnis and how it’s going to revolutionize the DeFi space.

💰 $100 in UFT was distributed to AMA and Twitter questions winners.

Community Initiatives & Updates

Cameron: UniLend’s Community Member of the Year 2021🎖

January 06: We’re excited to award Cameron with title of UniLend’s Community Member of the Year 2021🏆

🚀Cameron has been a huge supporter of UniLend for the past year and we’re honored to have him as part of our community.

💫 He has supported us in every possible way by promoting UniLend on various social media platforms with his skillful memes and Gifs and clearing the doubts and concerns of fellow community members.

🙌 We thank him for his trust and consistent support towards UniLend. As a token of our appreciation, we are rewarding him $100 in $UFT for his contributions throughout the year. UniLend is glad to have community members like Cameron.


$100 uBoost Giveaway💸

January 14: 💰We held a giveaway with uBoost. Total $100 in $UFT was rewarded to 10 lucky members.

🌐 Join UniLend & uBoost: https://twitter.com/UniLend_Finance & https://twitter.com/uBoostApp

So you won’t miss upcoming giveaways and events!

$400 worth WazirX Giveaway💸

January 27: 💰We held a giveaway with WazirX as part of our Republic campaign. Total $400 in $UFT was rewarded to 20 lucky members.

🌐 Join us here: https://twitter.com/UniLend_Finance

So you won’t miss upcoming giveaways and events!

UniLend Finance x WazirX Instagram Story Competition! $100 in $UFT distributed📸

January 28: 🎉 To encourage new users to buy/trade UFT on Wazirx, we held the UniLend x WazirX Competition on Instagram.

💙 We asked new users to share this special moment in the crypto journey with us and get rewarded $100 in $UFT!


AMA Session in UniLend with Mobius Finance’s CEO | $100 in MOT for Grabs!🛡

January 13:🚀 Pedro Torres, CEO of Mobius Finance joined the UniLend community for an AMA about collaborating with UniLend.

💰If you didn’t catch our AMA live, you missed out on a chance to win a share of $100 in MOT. Try to join us next time. It pays to participate!

🌐 Check out our AMA transcript here: https://bit.ly/3s2grin

UniLend Wishes Everyone a Very Happy Republic Day!🇮🇳

January 26: UniLend Wished Everyone a Very Happy Republic Day!🇮🇳

✨On this RepublicDay, let’s uphold, cherish, and celebrate our constitution — the foundation that brings the country together in unity and preserves the country’s values!

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