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Welcome back to the October Month Highlights!

October is buzzing with exciting updates. To keep our community in the loop regarding the behind-the-scenes development by our engineering team, we’ve released UniLend Tech Updates Q3 2023 in anticipation of the upcoming UniLend V2 mainnet launch.

Additionally, in a celebration of the World Cup spirit, we’ve initiated the #Howzatt campaign, introducing cricket fever into the DeFi sphere. Read more about the latest tech updates, giveaways, new partnerships, and the exciting events that have unfolded this month.

UniLend Governance: https://vote.unilend.finance/

Check out UniLend V2 Testnet: https://testnet.unilend.finance

UniLend Team is grateful for all who’ve journeyed with us through every stage, welcoming new members with open arms.

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Major Highlights

Welcome to Mainnet Uprising: UniLend Tech Update Q3 2023!

October 05: This new initiative will keep our community updated on behind-the-scenes development by our engineering team.

Major Highlights:

  • Launching our Governance to the community. This is an essential step leading to true decentralization of UniLend Finance.
  • Development of a new age liquidation mechanism.
  • Revamping the UniLend UI to enhance user experience.

Read the blog for more details ➡️https://medium.com/@unilend/mainnet-uprising-unilend-tech-update-q3-2023-f55fd51019ff

Unleashing the Power of Cricket Fandom with #Howzzat & Win $700 in UFT!

October 07: To celebrate the spirit of the Cricket World Cup, we launched the #Howzatt campaign. In this campaign, participants need to lend and borrow any cricket fan team token for a chance to win $700 in UFT rewards. We introduced eight pools related to World Cup tournament matches, including NZ/AUS, IND/PAK, ENG/SA, NZ/SA, ENG/IND, and more, where participants need to lend and borrow a cricket fan team token for a chance to win $700 in UFT rewards. The campaign is currently live until 19th November at 11:59 PM UTC.

Participate here to win: https://gleam.io/vFLjr/battle-for-the-glory-on-unilend-v2-win-700-in-uft-reward

Testnet: https://testnet.unilend.finance/

Get test tokens on ChainDrop: https://bit.ly/45rn3bD

Step by Step user guide to test out UniLend V2: https://medium.com/@unilend/unilend-v2-testnet-user-guide-542a6ee68d73

Read Rules: https://bit.ly/3RKGHMz

Collaborations & Integrations

New Governance Proposal Alert: Dmail Subhub for UniLend

October 31: Governance Proposal for Dmail SubHub on UniLend is LIVE on our Commonwealth forum. You can engage in the discussion & sculpt the future of UniLend.

Participate here: https://commonwealth.im/unilend-finance/discussion/13902-dmail-subhub-for-unilend

Welcomed Ontropy to the UniLend ecosystem!

October 03: Ontropy is a new and exciting project overcoming the limits of blockchain compute, giving dApps the power of instant, seamless transactions on any chain. To bolster our global network, we’re joining forces to revolutionize money markets and make every digital asset productive.

Introduced our Community Club in the SWAGGA Metaverse!

October 25: We introduced the UniLend Finance Community Club in the SWAGGA metaverse. Our Community Club is here to empower the Lending and Borrowing of Game tokens, making every digital asset productive. Together we will embrace the future of Web3 and create amazing experiences.

Community Initiatives & Updates

Distributed Rewards to UniLend V2 Testnet Campaign Winners!

October 30: To celebrate the UniLend V2 testnet launch, we organised a $5000 UniLend V2 Testnet campaign, inviting community members to try out lending and borrowing tokens on UniLend V2. A total of 50 winners were announced. Each winner won $100 in UFTG.

Checkout Winners list: https://bit.ly/47cwwFk

Winners who haven’t confirmed their wallet address with us yet, please DM us on Twitter by 7th November, 11:59 PM UTC to claim your rewards.

Join our social channel to stay updated on more exciting events like this: https://t.me/UniLendFinance

Experience UniLend V2 Testnet & Win dynamic DeFiMonk Avatar on Mercle!

October 04: We collaborated with Mercle to host an exciting giveaway. In this campaign, participants were invited to experience the UniLend v2 testnet for a chance to win an exclusive dynamic DeFiMonk Avatar. The campaign is currently active and ongoing.

To be eligible to win, ensure you complete all the required tasks on Mercle: https://app.mercle.xyz/unilend

Community Outreach & Education

Twitter Spaces

Joined SWAGGA Talks for Web3 Panel Discussion!

October 27: On October 27th, our People’s Manager joined SWAGGA for a panel discussion along with other web3 projects. She had a blast time delving into the crypto and GameFi market, web3 trends, and much more. In case you missed it, tune in for a recap here: https://twitter.com/i/spaces/1gqxvQeyVyRJB

Did You Know Series

As part of our Did You Know series, we shared interesting facts about UniLend, that we bet you didn’t know. Check out the facts below

1. If You want to sculpt the future of UniLend? Join the UniLend Governance Forum on Commonwealth

Anyone can engage in discussions, submit proposals, exercise voting rights, and play a pivotal role in shaping UniLend’s future. Be part of our mission to revolutionize DeFi, and sculpt the evolving web3 space.

Follow us here: https://commonwealth.im/unilend-finance/discussions

Congratulations UniLend x Dmail NFT Account Winners!

October 12: To celebrate our collaboration with Dmail Infra Innovation Seminar, we gave away free 8–11 Dmail NFT accounts to winners. Thank you awesome community members for participating and making this a memorable event. Each winner won an 8–11 digit Dmail NFT account.

Check out all winners: https://bit.ly/45t5qbt

Stay tuned for exciting events like this: https://twitter.com/UniLend_Finance

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