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5 min readJun 8, 2024


May has been quite the summer kickoff for us! We’re thrilled to introduce Numa Chain, our innovative intent-centric modular L1 blockchain powering chain abstraction. It’s a pivotal moment for us, as Numa represents a significant leap forward in web3, enabling seamless interoperability and scalability.

Alongside the unveiling of Numa Chain, we hosted the “Finding Alpha” series on Binance LIVE, featuring various projects discussing the latest trends and providing valuable insights. As we press forward, our commitment to pioneering innovation in web3 remains unwavering. We’re determined to push boundaries and redefine the future of finance for all.

Stay updated with our journey throughout this month and explore more highlights and developments.

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UniLend Team is grateful for all who’ve journeyed with us through every stage, welcoming new members with open arms.

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Major Highlights

Introducing Numa Chain: An Intent-Centric Modular L1 Blockchain Powering Chain Abstraction

May 30: We’re taking a big leap forward as we unveil Numa Chain. The rapid expansion of the Web3 ecosystem, with 200+ blockchains and $190B TVL, faces hurdles like fragmented liquidity and high gas fees, highlighted by 2.6B monthly transactions and $300M in fees, prompting users to seek simpler solutions. Numa offers a seamless remedy to these challenges, providing a unified approach to navigating diverse blockchain networks.

Numa Chain is an omnilayer intent-based modular blockchain that converges the user interaction for multiple blockchains on a single chain. It streamlines blockchain interaction by serving as a root chain, seamlessly connecting users to multiple blockchains through an intent-based modular approach, thus abstracting away the complexities of navigating diverse networks.

Key innovations of Numa Chain:

  • Intent-Centric Approach
  • Unified Interaction
  • Seamless Transactions
  • User-Friendly
  • Chain Abstraction

Read the blog for more details: https://bit.ly/3V1QCgQ

At UniLend, innovation is our game. Numa Chain is just the start of our mission to make Web3 simple and accessible for all.

Community Outreach & Education

Finding Alpha Series on Binance LIVE!

Account Abstraction and Future

May 09th: As part of our community outreach, we launched an exciting new series called “Finding Alpha” on Binance LIVE. In this series, we hosted insightful panel discussions and invited projects to delve into various topics, providing valuable perspectives and fostering engaging conversations in the community. Over 5k people attended our Finding Alpha series.

Recently, we hosted two dynamic panel discussions. The first delved into the concept of Account Abstraction, where we invited Virtual Labs, Plena Finance, and Onto Wallet to explore the future implications of this innovative technology.

Role of AI in Web3 Gaming

May 21st: The second episode of our Finding Alpha series focused on “AI Web3 Gaming,” where we welcomed two prominent GameFi projects, Fabwelt and Arena Games, to delve into the intersection of artificial intelligence and Web3 gaming. Stay tuned for more episodes like these.


Unraveling UniLend V2 Series: Concentrated Liquidation

May 15th: We released a new Unraveling UniLend V2 innovative use case, Concentrated Liquidation. Say goodbye to the hassle of liquidating loans on an address-to-address basis. With Concentrated Liquidation, liquidators can seamlessly liquidate multiple eligible loans in a single transaction, amplifying efficiency and flexibility on UniLend V2.

Read More: https://x.com/UniLend_Finance/status/1790477569760100799

UniLend V2 Video Guide: How to Turn Any Token into Yield Generating Machine on V2!

May 02: Anyone can now token any token into yield generating machine on UniLend V2. We’ve released a video tutorial guide outlining the necessary steps to lend and borrow any token successfully on V2, using a practical example. Whether you prefer reading or watching, we’ve got you covered with both written and 5-minute video guides.

Read the written guide: https://medium.com/@unilend/unilend-v2-mainnet-user-guide-how-to-lend-borrow-any-token-b0d4311f55d8


Held Telegram AMA & Quiz with Crypto Arena Community!

May 27th: On May 27th, our Marketing Coordinator, Manisha Keswani, took part in a LIVE Telegram AMA & Quiz session hosted by Crypto Arena. Throughout the event, she connected with thousands of potential UniLend users, significantly broadening our community outreach. She thoroughly enjoyed discussing UniLend V2, offering insights into our upcoming plans and features, and responding to the community’s questions. The session concluded with an engaging quiz, where 10 lucky participants each received $10 in UFT rewards.

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Held Telegram AMA & Quiz with Crypto TVOT Community!

May 13th: On May 13th, our Marketing Coordinator, Manisha Keswani, participated in a LIVE Telegram AMA & Quiz session hosted by Crypto TVOT. During the event, she engaged with thousands of potential UniLend users, effectively expanding our reach within the community. Manisha had a fantastic time discussing UniLend V2, sharing insights into our future plans and features, and addressing the community’s questions. The session concluded with an exciting quiz, where 10 lucky participants each won $10 in UFT rewards.

Community Initiatives & Updates

Expanding Legion Cohort 2.0 on Farcaster!

May 10: Expanding our Legion Ambassador program on Farcaster. We’re actively recruiting new legions, offering talented individuals worldwide a unique opportunity to be part of the DeFi revolution.

Celebrating May Hyperjump with Galxe!

May 18th: We collaborated with Galxe to host the May Hyperjump campaign. Participants could win $100 in UFT rewards by completing specified tasks. Ultimately, 10 lucky winners were selected, each receiving $10 in UFT tokens.

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