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UniLend Finance
6 min readApr 6, 2024


March was indeed an action-packed month for us! We kicked things off with a bang by airdropping 100k tokens and allocating a whopping 1 million UFT tokens to lenders of our permissionless protocol. This move not only rewards our dedicated community but also strengthens our ecosystem’s resilience and decentralization.

Additionally, we celebrated a remarkable milestone as our Total Value Locked (TVL) surged to $11.5 Million, showcasing the growing adoption of our protocol.

Alongside new dapp listings and integrations with Chainlink price feeds, these developments mark our relentless dedication to innovation and empowerment in the decentralized finance landscape. As we forge ahead, we remain steadfast in our mission to push boundaries and redefine the future of finance for all.

Check out UniLend V2 Dapp: https://v2.unilend.finance/

UniLend Team is grateful for all who’ve journeyed with us through every stage, welcoming new members with open arms.

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Major Highlights

UniLend V2 has integrated Chainlink Price Feeds!

March 26: UniLend will utilize Chainlink price feeds of ETH, USDC, USDT, LINK, and stETH on the Ethereum chain to ensure accurate price data for our lending and borrowing functionalities. This is a major advancement towards fortifying our protocol’s reliability & robustness.

Chainlink is the decentralized computing platform powering the verifiable web. It is a decentralized oracle network that provides real-world data to smart contracts on the blockchain.

Surpassed $11.5 Million TVL Milestone!

March 22: Our permissionless protocol surpassed the $11.5 Million TVL milestone. Our upward trajectory signals the increasing adoption of our permissionless protocol in DeFi.

Get started here: https://v2.unilend.finance/

Airdropped 100,000 UFT

March 20: Following a successful community voting on the airdrop proposal, we’ve airdropped 100,000 UFT to the lenders of our permissionless protocol. The purpose of the airdrop was to provide additional incentives for lenders, encourage loyalty to the platform, and cultivate a robust sense of community among users.

1 Million UFT Rewards are LIVE!

March 23rd: We’ve allocated 1 million UFT tokens (1% of the total supply) to reward users lending on UniLend’s permissionless protocol. Following a successful community vote, we’ve distributed these tokens to lenders, incentivizing active participation and fostering liquidity and community growth.

Collaborations & Integrations

Forged over 100+ partners and 21+ Major UFT listings!

March 19: Forged over 110+ strategic partnerships. From RWAs to GameFi, Synthetic assets to Infra tokens, you name it — we’re bringing them all to DeFi.

Unlocking lending and borrowing for ALL.

  • UniLend V2 is LIVE on Ethereum Mainnet
  • Over 110+ strategic partnerships
  • 21+ major $UFT listings

Exchange & Aggregator Listings

4 New Dapp listings!

We got four new Dapp listings. UniLend V2’s lending & borrowing dapp got listed on DappRadar, Halo Wallet, ONTO Wallet, and DeFiLlama. Users can seamlessly access our innovative permissionless protocol. This will allow us to tap into the already flourishing user base and provide them seamless access to our innovative protocol.

Community Outreach & Education

Unraveling UniLend V2 Series: Non-Fungible Tokenisation

March 06: We released a new innovative use case of UniLend V2 as part of our educational series titled “Unraveling UniLend V2”:

Non-Fungible Tokenisation: Non-Fungible Tokenisation: UniLend is taking NFTs to a new level in DeFi. LP Positions are now represented by NFTs:

  • Implementing NFTs as certificates for equities
  • Represent lender’s right to withdraw funds
  • Determine user’s positions in the pool
  • Transferable

Read the blog for more details: https://bit.ly/3pYj57L

We aim to lead the pathway, empowering users with enhanced experiences and optimized fund utilization.


Joined Arena Games for an exciting DeFi Roundtable!

March 20: On March 20th, our Marketing and Operations Lead, Ayush Garg, joined a live roundtable with the Arena Games community, discussing “Bridges Between DeFi, SocialFi & GameFi”. Ayush along with other projects shared valuable insights on DeFi during the session.

If you missed it, catch the full recap: https://twitter.com/i/spaces/1LyGBnjPWDjGN

Binance LIVE

Held Binance LIVE with Crypto Solution Community!

March 06: On March 6th, our Marketing and Operations Lead, Ayush Garg joined in a Binance LIVE AMA session hosted by Crypto Solution. This engagement allowed us to reach out to thousands of potential UniLend users, expanding our connection with the community. Ayush enjoyed sharing insights about UniLend V2, discussing our plans and features, and addressing questions from participants. Moreover, 10 lucky community members were each rewarded with $15 in UFT tokens as a token of appreciation.

In case you missed the LIVE session, watch the full recap here: https://www.binance.com/en/live/video?roomId=2183751


Held Telegram AMA with Metablockchain Community!

March 11: On March 11th, our Marketing and Operations Lead, Ayush Garg, joined Metablockchain for a LIVE Telegram AMA session, connecting with thousands of potential UniLend users and expanding our reach. He had a great time discussing UniLend V2, plans, and features, and answering the community’s questions. 10 lucky community members each won $10 in UFT rewards.

Stay tuned for more exciting updates like this on our socials: https://t.me/UniLendFinance

Held Telegram AMA with Sunrise Ventures Community!

March 22: On March 22nd, our Marketing Coordinator, Manisha Keswani, joined Sunrise Ventures Community for a LIVE Telegram AMA session, connecting with thousands of potential UniLend users and expanding our reach. She had a great time discussing UniLend V2, plans, and features, and answering the community’s questions. 10 lucky community members each won $10 in UFT rewards.

Community Initiatives & Updates

New Governance Proposal

March 29th: A new Governance Proposal to Increase the Loan-to-Value Ratio (LTV) of USDC/USDT Pool from 70% to 80% in UniLend V2 is now LIVE.

Join the conversation here: https://commonwealth.im/unilend-finance/discussion/16737-proposal-to-increase-the-loantovalue-ratio-ltv-of-usdcusdt-pool-from-70-to-80-in-unilend-v2

The Great Meme Contest Winners

March 04: Our EPIC meme showdown for UniLend V2 launch on Ethereum Mainnet was an absolute blast. The Great Meme Contest was a huge success with 50k+ meme entries, celebrated with 10 partners, and distributed over $2000 in rewards.

Checkout Winners here: https://x.com/UniLend_Finance/status/1764607552950546696?s=20


Held Exclusive UniLend V2 LIVE AMA in our Global Reddit Community!

March 18th: We hosted an Ask Me Anything (AMA) session in our global Reddit community. During the session, Ayush Garg, our Marketing & Operations, addressed the community’s questions and queries regarding airdrop and reward proposals.

Stay tuned for more exciting updates like this on our socials: https://t.me/UniLendFinance

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