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UniLend Finance
8 min readFeb 6, 2024

As we gear up for the highly anticipated UniLend V2 Mainnet launch on Ethereum Mainnet on February 12th, January burst onto the scene with boundless energy, marked by exhilarating celebrations and remarkable triumphs.

With the UniLend V2 mainnet on the horizon, we have launched “The Great Meme Contest” in collaboration with Mainnet Launch partners. Participants have a chance to win $2000 in UFT. We embarked on an electrifying journey of enlightenment with our educational series, “Unraveling UniLend V2,” unveiling the myriad possibilities of the platform. To ignite a frenzy of excitement leading up to the UniLend V2 debut, we orchestrated thrilling quizzes and Discord activities, setting the stage for an unforgettable launch day celebration!

Stay tuned for February — it’s going to be revolutionary. The V2 mainnet launch marks a monumental milestone as we unveil our flagship lending and borrowing product.

Check out UniLend V2 Testnet: https://testnet.unilend.finance

UniLend Team is grateful for all who’ve journeyed with us through every stage, welcoming new members with open arms.

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Major Highlights

UniLend V2 Mainnet Launching on Ethereum Mainnet on 12th February!

February 01: Save the Date for a historic moment! We’re thrilled to announce that the highly anticipated UniLend V2 mainnet is launching on Ethereum Mainnet on 12th February. Get ready for 1st ever Permissionless Lending & Borrowing protocol. This marks the dawn of the DeFi revolution, poised to make every digital asset productive.

Stay tuned as UniLend Finance unfolds a new chapter in this historic moment: https://twitter.com/UniLend_Finance

Calling all Meme Maestros! The Great Meme Contest | Win $2000 in UFT

February 02: To mark the momentous launch of the UniLend V2 mainnet on 12th February, we launched ‘The Great Meme Contest’ in collaboration with our Mainnet Launch partners (Plena Finance, Swing, Orion Protocol, Betfury, Band Protocol, Fabwelt, Rango Exchange, Rootstock, Ispolink & Coinfantasy). This exhilarating meme contest invites all community members to unleash their creativity through memes, celebrate #UniLendV2MainnetComing, and get a chance to win a share of $2000 in rewards. The contest is now LIVE till 14th February, 11:59 PM UTC!

Read the Rules & Submit your memes here: https://forms.gle/qkZheKSAPypZkitB8

UniLend 2023 Year in Review: Testnet Thrives, Charting the Course to Mainnet in 2024!

January 05: With the UniLend V2 Mainnet launch in sight for 2024, let’s rewind our epic 2023 year. From the Governance Launch to acing UniLend V2 Testnet, strategic partnerships, new UFT listings & beyond. 2024 brings new horizons as we gear up for the mainnet launch after a successful testnet phase. Thank you community for your unwavering support & for being an integral part of our incredible journey.

Dive into the 2023 Year in Review: https://medium.com/@unilend/unilend-2023-year-in-review-testnet-thrives-charting-the-course-to-mainnet-in-2024-12ab19b321cb

Collaborations & Integrations

Received 3 New Governance Proposals

January 10: Our governance structure is garnering considerable attention in the cryptocurrency realm. This month, we’ve received three new governance proposals: BeFi Labs, Sugar Kingdom, and SatoshiSync, each offering unique perspectives and contributions to our evolving ecosystem.

BeFi Labs joined the UniLend ecosystem!

January 16: BeFi Labs is developing a native BRC20 & Ordinals trading terminal, featuring multi-wallet integration that includes MetaMask for trading BRC20 tokens.

To bolster our global network, we’re joining forces to revolutionize money markets and make every digital asset productive.

SatoshiSync joined the UniLend ecosystem!

January 29: SatoshiSync is a Chain Agnostic Protocol for Inscriptions and BTC L2 powering all RC20 markets with our novel InscripSync and RC20 Router. To broaden our thriving global network, we’re joining hands to revolutionize money markets and make every digital asset productive.

Welcomed Sugar Kingdom into the UniLend ecosystem!

January 31: Sugar Kingdom is a gaming platform in which projects from all blockchains can bring direct utility to their tokens by playing games. In this collaboration, UniLend’s UFT token will be seamlessly integrated into the Sugar Kingdom platform, enabling UFT holders to actively engage in their tournaments.

Community Outreach & Education


Introduced the “Unraveling UniLend V2” Series

January 12: Curious about how V2 is revolutionizing DeFi? We’re rolling out an educational series, spotlighting the use cases of UniLend V2’s innovative features. As mainnet approaches, explore the cutting-edge innovations that will redefine the crypto landscape.

Unraveling UniLend V2: Opening Money Market Gates for New Tokens!

January 26: Attention to all New Tokens Flooded to the Crypto market. Our groundbreaking protocol transforms every new digital asset into a productivity powerhouse. Here’s how:

We’re revolutionizing DeFi where volatility meets opportunity, letting new tokens find stability & reach their full potential. Brace for game-changing use cases as V2 mainnet approaches, unlocking a new era of web3.

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UniLend v/s Aave: A DeFi Showdown

January 02: Step into the ring for the ultimate comparison & explore UniLend’s unique advantages and value propositions against other leading DeFi protocols in the market. Highlighting key comparisons between UniLend and Aave, we aim to empower our community with valuable insights. Discover UniLend’s unique strengths in DeFi as V2 mainnet approaches, showcasing what sets it apart in the web3 arena!

UniLend v/s Compound — the ultimate DeFi Duel

January 23: Explore UniLend’s distinctive advantages and value propositions against other leading DeFi protocols. Spotlighting key comparisons between UniLend & Compound, we aim to show why our permissionless protocol stands out, bringing more to the table. As V2 mainnet approaches, experience UniLend’s strengths ushering in a new era of web3 excellence.


Held Binance LIVE AMA in Crypto Detector Community!

January 09th: On January 9th, our Marketing and Operations Lead, Ayush Garg, participated in a Binance LIVE AMA session hosted by Crypto Detector Community. This provided an opportunity to engage with thousands of potential UniLend users, broadening our outreach. Ayush had an enjoyable time discussing UniLend V2, our future plans, and features, while also addressing the community’s inquiries. Additionally, 10 lucky community members each received $10 in UFT rewards.

If you missed the AMA, you can catch the full recap here: https://www.binance.com/en/live/video?roomId=2172469

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Held Binance LIVE AMA in Coinstages Community!

January 24th: Our Marketing and Operations Lead, Ayush Garg joined in a Binance LIVE AMA session hosted by Coinstages on January 24th. This engagement allowed us to reach out to thousands of potential UniLend users, expanding our connection with the community. Ayush enjoyed sharing insights about UniLend V2, discussing our future plans and features, and addressing questions from participants. Moreover, 10 lucky community members were each rewarded with $15 in UFT tokens as a token of appreciation.

If you missed the AMA, you can catch the full recap here: https://www.binance.com/en/live/video?roomId=2177002&utm_campaign=binance_live

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Did You Know Series

As part of our Did You Know series, we shared an interesting fact about UniLend, that we bet you didn’t know. Check out the facts below

1. UniLend V2 aced the Testnet phase, making waves in web3.

Let’s reflect on our accomplishments in the testnet phase:

  • Over 100k+ transactions, 12k+ users
  • 50+ liquidity pools
  • Ethereum Sepolia & Polygon zkEVM testnet launch
  • Unstoppable Domains integration
  • ImmuneFi Bug Bounty
  • New UI & more

Explore now: https://testnet.unilend.finance/

Community Initiatives & Updates

Held UniLend V2 LIVE AMA in our Global Reddit Community!

February 1st: As we gear up for the UniLend V2 mainnet launch, we hosted an Ask Me Anything (AMA) session in our global Reddit community. During the session, Ayush Garg, our Marketing & Operations Lead, addressed the community’s questions and queries regarding UniLend V2. Ten participants were rewarded with $10 each in UFT.

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UniLend V2 is decking the halls with holiday joy!

December 04: In celebration of Christmas, we introduced the SANTA/SNOW pool. Our SANTA/SNOW pool on UniLend V2 testnet experienced a fantastic run over the Christmas season, achieving remarkable success!

Here are some highlights:

  • Over 3,000 transactions on UniLend V2!
  • Participation from 100+ users
  • Engaged with over 15,000 members
  • Distributed $100 in $UFT to winners!

A huge thank you to our incredible community for their enthusiastic participation in lending and borrowing SNOW/SANTA on V2. You truly made this Christmas even merrier!

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UniLend Finance now has a Gold Tick on X (Twitter)!

January 10: We are proud to announce that our presence on X (Twitter) has earned the prestigious Gold Tick. Join our officially verified account for engaging discussions, exclusive events, and the most recent updates.

Follow us here: https://twitter.com/UniLend_Finance

Celebrated UniLend’s Discord Frenzy | Distributed $200 in UFT!

January 10: We’ve sparked excitement in our Discord server by awarding $200 to our community members. Weekly, the top 2 invitees and the top 2 active users on Discord received $25 each in UFT.

Checkout Winners Here: https://x.com/UniLend_Finance/status/1752335731828363695?s=20


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Held UniLend V2 Quiz in our Turkish Community | Distributed $100 in UFT!

December 04: To fuel excitement for the launch of V2 within our Turkish community, we hosted a fun TG quiz and gave away $100 in $UFT. Ten lucky winners each received $10 in UFT, making for an enjoyable and engaging time for all involved.

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