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UniLend Finance
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February brought a game-changing moment for UniLend as we unleashed UniLend V2 on Ethereum Mainnet, revolutionizing DeFi with groundbreaking features like Isolated Dual Asset Pools and Non-Fungible Tokenization. This historic moment signals a new era in decentralized finance, offering users unparalleled opportunities.

But wait there is more, alongside the launch we’ve rolled out exciting updates, new wallet integrations, joined Farcaster, new dapp listings and giveaways, reaffirming our commitment to redefine the DeFi landscape and empower users worldwide.

This is the kick-off of the DeFi revolution, where every digital asset gets to shine. We’re gearing up to lead the charge into uncharted DeFi territory, and we couldn’t have done it without our awesome UniLend community. This leap year has been unforgettable, let’s dive into it.

Check out UniLend V2 Dapp: https://v2.unilend.finance/

UniLend Team is grateful for all who’ve journeyed with us through every stage, welcoming new members with open arms.

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Major Highlights

UniLend V2 is now LIVE on Ethereum Mainnet!

February 13: The moment has finally arrived. UniLend V2 is now live on Ethereum Mainnet. UniLend V2 is one of the most advanced, secure, and capital-efficient protocols in the web3 space. Unleash the power of DeFi with our groundbreaking permissionless lending & borrowing protocol with innovative features:

  • Lend & Borrow Any Token
  • Isolated Dual Asset Pool
  • Non-Fungible Tokenisation
  • Concentrated Liquidation

It caters to all users, whether beginners or experts in DeFi, offering seamless access to diverse digital assets. This launch represents a pivotal moment as we introduce our next-gen decentralized money market protocol, signaling the beginning of the DeFi revolution, poised to make every digital asset productive.

Get Started: https://v2.unilend.finance/

Read Blog: https://medium.com/@unilend/unilend-v2-mainnet-now-live-on-ethereum-46614e52b8dd

Read Full Guide: https://medium.com/@unilend/unilend-v2-mainnet-user-guide-how-to-lend-borrow-any-token-b0d4311f55d8

4 New Pools are LIVE on UniLend V2 Mainnet!

February 14: We launched four new pools on UniLend V2: LINK/USDC, USDC/USDT, USDC/WETH and USDC/STETH. Users can now start lending & borrowing USDC, WETH, LINK, USDT, and STETH tokens on UniLend V2 mainnet.

Stay tuned for more upcoming pools!

Over 3.5K people tuned in for the UniLend V2 LIVE Showcasing on Binance for the first time!

February 16: We had an incredible event. Our Co-Founders Chandresh Aharwar & Tarun Malik showcased UniLend V2 Mainnet and delved into UniLend V2, plans, and much more. A total of $200 in UFT rewards was distributed among community members during the Binance LIVE Q&A and Twitter Q&A.

Missed the Live-action? Catch the full recap here: https://www.binance.com/en/live/video?roomId=2180180

Feast your eyes on UniLend’s brand-new website!

February 09: Alongside the launch of UniLend V2 Mainnet, we released a sleek new website that reflects the mission and values of our permissionless protocol.

Visit our new website: https://unilend.finance/

Collaborations & Integrations

Over 100+ partners! Our ecosystem is thriving & ready to gain new heights.

February 08: UniLend’s ecosystem is thriving and poised for new heights:

  • Over 100+ strategic partnerships
  • 21+ major UFT listings
  • UniLend V2 launch on Ethereum Mainnet

Our Permissionless Lend & Borrowing protocol is paving the path for Superior Digital Assets Productivity.

Integrated 3 New Wallets on UniLend V2!

We’ve integrated 3 new wallets on UniLend V2 Mainnet: Coin98 Super Wallet, OKX Wallet, and Rabby Wallet. These integrations enable users to effortlessly access our innovative permissionless lending & borrowing protocol.

Exchange & Aggregator Listings

UniLend V2’s Permissionless dApp is now listed on MathWallet.

February 20: Math Wallet is a web3 cryptocurrency wallet that supports well over 150 blockchains. Over 3.5 Million MathWallet users can now seamlessly access our innovative permissionless lending & borrowing protocol on the Math dApp store.

Find & explore UniLend now at https://mathdapp.store/

UniLend V2’s Permissionless Lending & Borrowing Dapp is now listed on The Dapp List!

February 24: The Dapp List is a multi-chain ecosystem for curating Web3 adoption. Discover the latest Web3 projects from 50+ categories. Users can now seamlessly access our cutting-edge DeFi services & utilize for a wide range of ERC20 tokens.

Get Started today: https://thedapplist.com/project/uni-lend-finance

Community Outreach & Education

UniLend V2 Mainnet is the talk of the town!

February 02: Our game-changing permissionless lending & borrowing got covered in leading crypto news outlets including Cointelegraph , Cryptowisser , Metaverse Post , TheNewsCrypto , TechBullion , TechAnnouncer , Fintechmode , CryptoLiveLeak and CMC News Feed

Breaking the Barriers of DeFi

February 23: UniLend taps into over 50% of the untapped lending & borrowing market, encompassing 10k tokens valued at $300 billion. With features like Permissionless Lending & Borrowing, Isolated Dual Asset Pool, and Concentrated Liquidation, UniLend is not just a protocol but a catalyst for mass adoption. We’re revolutionizing web3, making every asset productive.

UniLend Finance v/s Traditional Finance

February 06: DeFi’s remarkable growth, currently at only 0.1% of its potential with a TVL of $126B, contrasts sharply with the traditional sector’s massive $31.14T. As DeFi prepares for a projected 100-fold surge in the coming years, UniLend emerges to revolutionize finance with its cutting-edge features: Low Entry Barriers, Faster Global Transactions, and Permissionless Money Markets.

Taking Gaint Leap with its Permissionless Listing!

February 29: During the last DeFi summer, only 35 out of 10,000 assets could access the Money Market. This time, UniLend is changing the game. No more disappointments — we’re opening the doors of DeFi to every asset.

Deep Dive into UniLend V2’s Security!

February 09: Security is our top priority. With UniLend V2 Mainnet Launch, rest assured, we’ve left no stone unturned in fortifying our protocol. At UniLend, security isn’t just a feature — it’s our foundation. With unwavering commitment, we provide a robust DeFi platform, ready to tackle tomorrow’s challenges and safeguard users’ assets and data.

  • Successfully Audited by PeckShield & SlowMist
  • Launched ImmuneFi Bug Bounty
  • UniLend V2 Testnet Success

Deep dive into UniLend’s security here: https://unilend.medium.com/a-deep-dive-into-unilend-v2s-security-c1b95d2439f5

Prominent Web3 influencers are exploring UniLend V2!

February 09: Prominent Web3 influencers are delving into our permissionless lending & borrowing protocol, unlocking endless DeFi possibilities. A heartfelt shoutout to all our supporters who are driving our DeFi revolution. Community’s enthusiasm fuels our mission to make every digital asset productive.


Unraveling UniLend V2 Series: 6 New Innovative Cases

We released five innovative use cases of UniLend V2 as part of our educational series titled “Unraveling UniLend V2”:

  • Unlocking the Potential of Real-World Assets: Exploring the future of the Web3 economy with RWAs. We’re bridging the gap between traditional assets and the decentralized future as RWAs gain prominence in the Web3 space. Our innovative permissionless protocol is empowering tokenized RWAs, opening the doors of DeFi to a broader audience.
    Learn more:
  • Transforming Idle Assets into Yield Generating Machines: We’re unlocking the full potential of idle assets, creating value with our DeFi features, and putting them to work for you. Our revolutionary permissionless protocol turns these idle assets into earning power, unlocking new utilities & opportunities.
    Discover how:
  • Making DAO Treasuries More Productive: UniLend V2 offers robust treasury management solutions: High yields on DAO treasury, enjoy yield free from impermanent loss, and Protect DAO from short-term sale of governance tokens. It’s just the beginning; UniLend V2 simplifies treasury management with comprehensive solutions.
    Learn more:
  • Isolated Dual Asset Pool: UniLend V2 turns digital assets into productivity powerhouses. Anyone can create a Dual Asset Pool for Permissionless Lending & Borrowing and flexible risk management. Our Isolated Dual Asset Pool opens lending & borrowing for every asset, advancing our vision of asset productivity.
    Learn more:
  • Long and Short any Digital Asset: Current DeFi lending protocols encounter long/short issues with limited asset range. With UniLend V2, users can effortlessly create leverage positions (long or short) for all crypto assets in permissionless money markets. Know how to Long & Short any Digital Asset:

UniLend v/s Beta Finance: Epic DeFi Battle

February 26: We shed light on key comparisons between UniLend and Beta Finance to provide our community with valuable insights. Through highlighting key distinctions between UniLend & Beta, we showcase why our protocol is a game-changer, offering superior benefits to users.

UniLend v/s Radiant Capital — ultimate DeFi clash

February 09: Explore UniLend’s distinctive value propositions as we outline the key differences between UniLend and Radiant Capital. Discover why our permissionless protocol stands out and delivers superior benefits. Experience UniLend’s strengths ushering in a new era of web3 excellence.


Held Twitter Spaces LIVE AMA with Gate.io Community!

February 05th: On February 9th, our Marketing and Operations Lead, Ayush Garg joined Gate.io community for LIVE Twitter Spaces AMA. This provided an opportunity to engage with thousands of potential UniLend users, broadening our outreach. Ayush had an enjoyable time discussing UniLend V2 mainnet launch, our future plans, and features, while also addressing the community’s inquiries.

If you missed the AMA, you can catch the full recap here: https://twitter.com/i/spaces/1RDGllOAaMRGL?s=20

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Community Initiatives & Updates

UniLend Finance has officially arrived on Farcaster!

February 28: UniLend Finance is now live on Farcaster. Community members are invited to join our Farcaster profile for daily updates, lively discussions, and thrilling events as we ride the DeFi revolution wave. To celebrate, we’ve organized a $100 giveaway for our community members.

Follow us now on Farcaster: https://warpcast.com/~/invite-page/329479?id=abcbcdd5


Held Exclusive UniLend V2 LIVE AMA in our Global Telegram Community!

February 8th: As we gear up for the UniLend V2 mainnet launch, we hosted an Ask Me Anything (AMA) session in our global Telegram community. During the session, Chandresh Aharwar, our Co-founder & CEO, addressed the community’s questions and queries regarding UniLend V2.

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UniLend V2 Mainnet Celebration with Galxe!

February 21st: We commemorated the UniLend V2 mainnet launch in collaboration with Galxe. Participants engaged in various tasks to seize the opportunity to win exciting prizes. Campaign is now LIVE till 6th March.

Participate now: https://galxe.com/UniLendFinance/campaign/GCSigt4p4c

Held UniLend V2 Word Puzzle

February 06: To celebrate the mainnet launch of UniLend V2, we organized a Word Search puzzle for our community members. Participants were tasked with finding terms related to UniLend V2 mainnet for a chance to win a prize. In this thrilling puzzle, 10 winners were declared and awarded $10 in UFT each.

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Community Giveaway

February 13: To celebrate the momentous launch of UniLend V2 mainnet, we gave away $250 in UFT to the community members. Participants are asked to complete certain tasks to get a chance to win. 25 lucky members won $10 in UFT each.

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