UniLend Finance Easter Treasure Hunt Guide

UniLend Finance Easter Treasure Hunt Guide

The Game is Afoot!

UniLend Finance Easter Treasure Hunt is now LIVE!

To celebrate Easter Day’s spirit, we’re organizing our first-ever Easter Treasure Hunt for our amazing community members.

The UniLend Easter Treasure Hunt will end on 20th April at 11:59 PM IST.

Participants will be going through a series of rounds that will lead them on a path of fun and education surrounding UniLend Finance.

The aim of our Easter Treasure Hunt is to work your way through five rounds, each of which will prompt you to find a ‘keyword’, which will enable you to move on to the next round by adding it to a URL link (examples are given below).

Put on your thinking caps and find the hidden keywords in each round and place all five together in order to find the correct full link at the end for your chance to claim the ultimate Easter Treasure.

Rewards Distribution

A total prize pool of $100 in $UFT tokens for the Treasure Hunt will be distributed among 10 lucky participants who will complete the Easter Treasure Hunt. These winners will be chosen at random & rewarded with $10 in $UFT each!

The prizes will be awarded in a lottery-style drawing. Each person who finishes the Easter treasure hunt will receive 1 lottery ticket. For each person somebody refers, they will also both be given an extra lottery ticket.

Note: Participants must be registered in order to be eligible to win the Easter Treasure Hunt. If you haven’t registered already, you can still do so here: UniLend Finance Easter Treasure Hunt Registration


Participants will be provided with a series of clues that will direct them through various UniLend-related resources. Each time, you will find a new keyword which you will add to your URL link, in order to move on to the next round.

A total of five keywords will be there to find during the Treasure Hunt. Each time you find a new keyword, you need to add it to the previous keywords in the link, separated by a hyphen (-).

These links will take you to the next clue each time.

To clarify, the link to claim the treasure is in the following format:


Navigate through the maze and add the keywords one by one, leading you further into the treasure hunt until all 5 keywords are placed together to solve the final puzzle.

How to Start the Hunt?


Start the Treasure Hunt just by clicking the first link above. This will take you to the first clue. After you figure out the first keyword, place it as such: Bit.ly/KEYWORD1

After that, the link will take you to the second clue page, which will help you find the second keyword. Your second link will then be in this format: Bit.ly/KEYWORD1-KEYWORD2

Then continue to
And so on, until all five keywords are placed in.

Here is an example of what the final link could look like:

Follow These Rules

  • Capitalization is IMPORTANT. Please make sure all letters are in UPPERCASE form.
  • If you need any assistance during the Easter Treasure Hunt, please send a message to the UniLend Finance Telegram community (https://t.me/UniLendFinance), and somebody will help you.
  • Do not ask for keywords, only ask for assistance in understanding the process if you need help on this.

Easter Hunt First Clue

Go to the link below to get started finding the first keyword:

Let the Hunting Begin!

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