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UniLend Finance
5 min readJan 7, 2024

Wrapping up the merry end of 2023, December has been a joyous whirlwind of celebrations and achievements.

UniLend V2 achieved resounding success on the Testnet, paving the way for an exciting journey into 2024. In the spirit of Christmas, we organized a festive extravaganza by launching the SNOW/SANTA pool and inviting users to experience UniLend V2. To welcome the New Year in 2024, we participated in Galxe’s New Year Festival 2024.

As we bid farewell to 2023, the echoes of success and holiday cheer linger, making it a warm and festive end to the year.

Check out UniLend V2 Testnet: https://testnet.unilend.finance

UniLend Team is grateful for all who’ve journeyed with us through every stage, welcoming new members with open arms.

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Major Highlights

UniLend V2 has been success on Testnet!

December 16: After two years of rigorous testing, community feedback, and constant development, we’ve successfully concluded the UniLend V2 testnet, making significant strides in the web3 space. Let’s reflect on our accomplishments in the testnet phase:

  • Launched on Ethereum Sepolia & Polygon zkEVM testnet
  • 100k+ Transactions & 12k+ users
  • 50+ Liquidity Pools
  • Unstoppable Domains Integration
  • ImmuneFi Bug Bounty worth $25000
  • New UI
  • $10k rewards distributed

Concluding the UniLend V2 Testnet marks the end of one chapter & the thrilling beginning of another. A heartfelt thanks to all contributors! Your commitment drives UniLend’s success.

Stay tuned for the V2 Mainnet launch — we’re stepping into the future of DeFi.

Santa is coming to DeFi! Get into the Christmas spirit with UniLend V2 | Win $100 in UFT!

December 23: In the festive spirit of Christmas, we’ve launched the SANTA/SNOW pool for our community members. Engage in this special campaign on the UniLend V2 testnet, where users can lend and borrow SANTA and SNOW tokens for chance to win $100 in UFT rewards.

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Community Outreach & Education

BUILDers in Action! Attended prominent crypto events, ETHIndia and IBW!

December 12: UniLend Team attended two of the most prominent crypto events in India, ETHIndia and IBW 2023. Our team had a fantastic time connecting with web3 projects, buidlers, and engaging in discussions that charted new frontiers within the web3 space. This enables us to connect with thousands of potential UniLend users, expanding our reach and strengthening our community.


Held LIVE Telegram AMA in Crypto Global Community!

December 28th: On December 28th, our Marketing and Operations Lead, Ayush Garg, joined Crypto Global for a LIVE Telegram AMA session, connecting with thousands of potential UniLend users and expanding our reach. He had a great time discussing UniLend V2, future plans, and features, and answering the community’s questions. 10 lucky community members each won $10 in UFT rewards.

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Did You Know Series

As part of our Did You Know series, we shared three interesting facts about UniLend, that we bet you didn’t know. Check out the facts below

1. UniLend’s UFT token utilities are soaring. Binance adds UFT as Isolated Margin and Cross Margin.

Users can trade with the UFT/USDT pair as the supported token pair for Cross Margin and Isolated Margin on Binance.

2. Binance Web3 Wallet supports UFT! With this new option, UFT’s exposure has increased multifold within the web3 space.

Seamlessly swap UFT at unmatched rates and switch between CeFi & DeFi, all from the Binance App.

3. Embark on the Mainnet Uprising journey with our latest Tech Update Q3 2023!

Get the inside scoop on our engineering team’s latest updates:

  • Governance Launch
  • Development of a new age liquidation mechanism.
  • Revamp UniLend V2’s UI

Read More: https://medium.com/@unilend/mainnet-uprising-unilend-tech-update-q3-2023-f55fd51019ff

Community Initiatives & Updates

Join Galxe NYF 2024 with UniLend V2 and Win Exciting Prizes!

December 04: We kick off #NewYear2024 with a spectacular celebration! Join us in commemorating New Beginnings at Galxe NYF 2024 with the launch of UniLend V2. Engage in our exciting campaign where participants have the opportunity to win fantastic prizes by completing various tasks.

Participate here now: https://galxe.com/UniLendFinance/campaign/GCxpWttnFL

To stand a chance, simply try lending and borrowing any token on the UniLend V2 testnet. The campaign is now live and will run until January 26th. Don’t miss out on the festivities!

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UniLend Legion Ambassador Program is now OPEN!

December 20: We’re expanding our UniLend Legion Ambassador community and onboarding new legions. UniLend is always looking for people from all over the globe with various skill sets.

The Legion Starter Pack awaits, loaded with perks such as mentorship from DeFi experts, education and engagement in the Web3 space, exclusive access to cutting-edge features, network expansion, and attractive rewards. Act fast — the application deadline is January 3, 2024, 11:59 PM UTC!

Apply here: https://forms.gle/g4jpah8g1HtHuz9a8

Explore UniLend Legion Benefits & Responsibilities at https://buff.ly/3jBt7rc

Monthly Catch up on Binance!

December 04: Our Monthly Catch Up on Binance LIVE was an absolute blast — we had an amazing time. We showcased UniLend V2’s sleek new UI & delved into plans, the #Howzzat campaign, the Binance web3 wallet, and collaborations — we covered it all!

Missed the Live action? Watch the full recap here: https://www.binance.com/en/live/video?roomId=2166584

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