UniLend Finance at Token2049 Dubai: Event Highlights

UniLend Finance
3 min readApr 27, 2024


UniLend team left a remarkable footprint in Dubai during the TOKEN2049 event, catalyzing the DeFi revolution within the web3 space.

What an exhilarating week it was! We experienced a whirlwind of activity throughout the week, with TOKEN2049 taking center stage in Dubai from April 15th to 21st. This vibrant event featured hundreds of meetups, workshops, and networking opportunities, leading up to the main event on April 18th and 19th.

TOKEN2049 Dubai attracted over 10,000 attendees, hosting 400+ side events and featuring 300+ speakers, all committed to innovating the Web3 ecosystem to revolutionize finance and beyond on a global scale. Dubai emerged as a center of innovation and collaboration, where industry leaders and newcomers convened to share ideas and foster connections.

In case you missed out, here are the electrifying event highlights from TOKEN2049 Dubai:

Powering Build.so Tribe Connect @ TOKEN2049 Dubai

UniLend powered the Build.so Tribe Connect event at TOKEN2049 Dubai — a quarterly initiative by Build.so to facilitate closed-door interactions between industry veterans and members of our tribe (Startups, VCs, Partners). Supporting Tribe Connect is a great way to accelerate DeFi growth and foster web3 adoption.

Moreover, our Marketing & Operations lead, Ayush Garg, and Business Developer, Dr. Dent, connected with various projects to explore new synergies and discuss how we are maximizing the productivity of every digital asset, thus driving mass adoption. Additionally, we distributed our merchandise at the event. As a leading force in DeFi, we are committed to empowering entrepreneurs, developers, and enthusiasts alike.

Side Events

Our team had an exhilarating experience engaging with web3 builders and projects such as Chainlink, XDC, and others. We shared significant developments during the events, delving into discussions to explore new opportunities within the DeFi ecosystem, and forged valuable connections to drive innovation collectively in the web3 domain.

Actively participating in side events such as Tribe Connect, L3 Summit, Ethernity Meet, XDC Meetup, and more further reinforced UniLend’s commitment to innovating the web3 landscape.

AFTER2049 Ticket Giveaway

As part of our vibrant community initiative, we delightedly awarded 2 FREE tickets to the exclusive AFTER2049 party. Congratulations to Prarabdh, our lucky winner.

Binance Clubhouse

During our time in Dubai, we thoroughly enjoyed our time at the Binance Clubhouse, engaging in eye-opening events and lively discussions that provided valuable insights. We connected with other industry enthusiasts, making new connections and sharing ideas about the latest in DeFi. The Clubhouse’s lively vibe got us pumped up, leaving us eager to dive even deeper into the world of crypto.

We extend a big thank you to everyone who took the time to meet with us. We’re excitedly anticipating our next encounters at upcoming web3 events.

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