UniLend Finance and EPNS Team Up to Provide Permissionless Money Markets with Personalized Notifications


  • UniLend will equip EPNS’s token $PUSH with staking and flash loans functionality
  • In turn, EPNS will provide UniLend’s users with push notifications to resolve DeFi’s communication barrier and make our platform more accessible for average users

From its inception, UniLend’s primary goal has been to eliminate the issue of gatekeeping in “decentralized” finance. Many existing DeFi protocols tout the merits of decentralization, all the while, they control which projects are allowed to be traded, lent, and borrowed, thereby excluding a vast majority of DeFi projects from what is supposed to be a decentralized ecosystem.

Even with UniLend’s noble goal to right this wrong and our permission-less features, we continue to face a major hurdle: There is a sizable communication gap in DeFi. To help overcome this barrier and to truly unlock the potential of digital assets for our users, UniLend is proud to announce that we’re partnering with Ethereum Push Notification Service (EPNS) in a pilot program in which they will provide decentralized push notifications for our users, and we will equip their PUSH token with staking and flash loans functionality.

UniLend Will Equip PUSH with Staking & Flash Loans

Resolving the Communication Gap with EPNS

Identifying the Issue

Enter EPNS

“UniLend is excited to integrate EPNS’s decentralized push notification service into our tech stack. This will create a more transparent overall user experience and give users engaging with our platform a more user-focused feel.”

~ Chandresh Aharwar, UniLend Co-founder & CEO

By collaborating with EPNS, we overcome the communication hurdle placed by Web2’s infrastructure (Twitter, Telegram, Medium, etc). With EPNS, users will receive notifications and alerts about their trade and loan positions and other major updates that directly concern them. This will eliminate the need to constantly monitor their accounts and our social media.

“This partnership allows us at EPNS to not only support Unilend’s journey to true decentralization, but also provide them with a decentralized communication infrastructure to further their decentralization agenda”

~ Harsh Rajat, founder EPNS.

Working Together to Fortify DeFi

Much like UniLend, EPNS strives to achieve the ideal of Web3: true decentralization. With their tools that enable effective communication, EPNS contributes to the growth that will ultimately enable the unlocking of DeFi’s true potential. We hope our community will join us in welcoming EPNS to the UniLend family.

Now is the time to join our auspicious and exuberant community. If you’re ready to join a movement then you’ve come to the right place. This is the beginning of a historic technological shift. If you’re looking for a community to share your enthusiasm about decentralized finance with, come join any of our social platforms.

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