UniLend & Base Protocol to Unlock the Full DeFi Potential of Rebase Tokens


• UniLend is partnering with Base Protocol (BASE)

• Base Protocol enables BASE token holders to gain exposure to the entire crypto industry with a single token by pegging its price to crypto’s overall market cap.

• Base achieved this breakthrough innovation by using an elastic supply protocol, meaning the token supply is automatically readjusted to balance the market’s equilibrium.

• The crypto community will now be able to lend and borrow Base Protocol’s BASE token via UniLend’s reliable DeFi platform. This will make UniLend the first platform to offer such functionality for BASE.

• This strategic partnership will usher in a new era of decentralized lending.

The volatility of the crypto markets is both a blessing and a curse. While it can reward long-term believers of cryptocurrency and blockchain, the fear of this volatility prevents many traditional retail and institutional investors alike from entering the space, especially since individual cryptocurrencies can be extremely unpredictable. Luckily, Base Protocol’s Rebase tokens are here to solve that problem in unison with the powerful UniLend Finance protocol.

By pegging the value of their BASE token to crypto’s overall market cap, Base provides a way to have some ‘skin in the game’ of the emerging crypto industry without having to speculate on specific assets. With BASE, if the overall industry wins, so do you. That’s a win for us too because overcoming psychological barriers to entry is necessary to achieve our goal of unlocking DeFi’s true potential.

That’s why we’re thrilled to announce that we’ve partnered with, an integral part of the Ethereum ecosystem, to empower people in the flourishing crypto industry. Through this collaboration, we aim to further break down the barriers preventing people from confidently participating in the booming industries of cryptocurrency and DeFi. This partnership will make UniLend the first platform to enable the decentralized lending and borrowing of BASE.

The Future is Now

The revolutionary technology that allows users to simultaneously own a slice of the entire crypto market AND lend/borrow against the industry’s total value is here. This is brought to us via Base Protocol’s iteration of Rebase tokens. Base Protocol has developed Rebases to occur when bmp (cmc x 0.1¹²). Furthermore, when bmp > (cmc x 0.1¹²) expansion rebase occurs and when bmp < (cmc x 0.1¹²), contraction rebase occurs. Luckily for our users, you’ll never need to solve these mathematical expressions. Welcome to the future of finance.

Essentially, Base Protocol successfully implemented elasticity to programmatically expand or contract token supply to achieve target price equilibrium. In doing so, they created a synthetic asset whose properties are engineered to simulate the market patterns of all cryptocurrencies.

It may be useful to think of Base Protocol like the S&P 500, if the S&P 500 wasn’t limited to the 500 stocks. This enables BASE holders to agnostically hedge their crypto holdings rather than be subjected to the high risk of holding specific assets.

Through our collaboration, BASE holders will be able to utilize lending and borrowing functionality on UniLend in an entirely decentralized fashion. This opens up new financial strategies for the cryptocurrency community that has long been at war with itself and each other. Instead of arguing about which coins and tokens are most or least attractive, those who want to deliberate about the industry’s overall potential can confidently participate.

Crypto’s Age of Aquarius

We feel that Base Protocol is an ideal partner to help us usher in a new age of user-friendly DeFi strategies that will not only empower retail investors but also offer a more attractive option for institutional players, so that we can continue the official kick-off of the financial revolution.

By offering Base Protocol’s synthetic token on our powerful decentralized lending and borrowing engine, we’ll change DeFi for the better.

Through our collaboration with Base Protocol, the decentralized community will be able to effectively borrow BASE to hedge on leveraged crypto trading. Say a trader borrows 100 BASE to buy an altcoin, and that altcoin takes a dive while the overall market falls. When the trader pays their 100 BASE back to the lender, they may notice the value of their BASE also dropped — correspondent to the crypto market. This means that when the trader pays their loan back, they may only absorb the loss they took, that was in excess of the overall loss in the market. In this way, BASE can be used as a strategic hedging instrument for crypto-focused portfolios trading on leverage.

This will enable users to take further control of their crypto journey while painting with broader investment strokes. In addition, users that seek alternative DeFi trading strategies may want to incorporate BASE into a “safe haven” type trade strategy vs trading between altcoins and BTC to hedge against volatility.

Overall, we see that the strategic partnerships we’re establishing will give more power to the user little by little — and that’s what we’re here for!

Free at Last

Do you hear the drums of war beating in the distance? They grow softer by the minute. With BASE, we can all root for a prosperous decentralized crypto future together without the tribalism that supporting specific cryptocurrencies brings. Furthermore, BASE plus UniLend will enable users to borrow from or lend each other funds without the need for expensive middlemen, whilst offering the opportunity to partake in new financial strategies.

Strategic collaborations like this one are imperative for enabling industry unification so that we can usher in the age of decentralized finance and further establish the internet of money for the world.

UniLend thanks you for continuing this journey with us. The future looks bright, and we look forward to watching the sunrise with you.

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