Playcent Makes $UFT an Official Platform Currency, Adding Another Layer of Utility


  • Playcent is joining the UniLend ecosystem and making $UFT tokens an official currency on their platform, to be used to interact with its various features
  • Playcent will now feature contests with games and quizzes that can be accessed by $UFT holders
  • Playcent will offer premium content and merchandise that can be bought using $UFT tokens, including NFTs
  • Playcent joining the UniLend ecosystem adds yet another layer of utility for the $UFT token

Playcent, a decentralized WIX for DApps, games, NFTs, and social tokens, is joining the UniLend ecosystem by making our native $UFT tokens a usable currency on their platform. Playcent allows people to make DApps, games and NFTs using the many templates they offer on their platform.

This collaboration will give $UFT tokens additional utility as an official currency of the Playcent network. This means $UFT will be usable on the Playcent platform to pay for subscriptions, make in-app purchases and buy various assets.

On the Playcent platform, UniLend token holders will have access to several avenues of fun activities, great content and premium merchandise. To make things even better, $UFT holders will have a chance to win prizes in the form of $USDT tokens by taking part in the many activities such as games and quizzes on the Paycent platform.

Games, Quizzes & Prizes

UniLend token holders will gain access to exclusive contests on the Playcent platform, which will allow them to enjoy various entertaining games and quizzes, whilst winning prizes at the same time.

There are many different types of fun games available on the Playcent platform, including Cricket, Block Stacker , Match3 , Forrest Runner , Flappy Bird and more. In addition to solo gameplay, players can engage with others via contests on the Playcent platform, which makes for an inviting way to bring friends along for prizes in $USDT.

Playcent has tokenized campaigns that include contests where users can play the aforementioned games and participate in quizzes in which they compete against other players to win. The winners of these contests will be given prizes in the form $USDT tokens.

However, to participate in the many contests that will be happening on Playcent, users must hold a certain amount of a specific token. Now, $UFT will be one of the tokens that users on Playcent can hold to partake in the competitions that will be held on the platform.

Premium Content & Merchandise

UniLend’s native $UFT tokens will be usable as a medium of exchange to buy and sell premium content and merchandise that will be available on the Playcent platform. This means if people want to access the premium content and merchandise on Playcent they can do so using $UFT.

Playcent’s platform will be a place where creators can come to freely create their own content such as articles and GIFs. Content creators are able to charge people a subscription fee to gain access to some of the content they have on Playcent. Users on Playcent will be able to pay the content creators using $UFT tokens as a method of payment.

Playcent will also allow users to design, mint and trade NFTs, essentially leading to an NFT marketplace on their platform. Buyers and sellers of NFTs on Playcent will be able to use $UFT tokens as the medium of exchange to value and transact their NFTs.

An External Use Case for $UFT

UniLend’s native token $UFT will have several use cases on the UniLend platform itself. Some of the use cases include liquidity mining, governance, fee discounts and more. A comprehensive list of $UFT’s use cases on the UniLend platform can be found here.

Integrating the $UFT token onto the Playcent platform will give $UFT an external use case, or one that is not directly related to the UniLend platform. UniLend tokens will essentially become a medium of exchange on the Playcent platform. Users on Playcent will be able to use $UFT, take part in contests, pay for subscriptions to content and as a method of valuing and transacting NFTs.

We’re excited to hear your thoughts about our collaboration with Playcent, being that UniLend is a community first project. We hope to see many of our fans and community members use the Playcent platform to interact with each other and enjoy the new layer of added utility for UFT. To join in on the conversation and meet like minded community members please follow us on our social platforms.

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