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3 min readDec 10, 2022

The world of professional football has seen a recent surge in the use of blockchain technology, particularly with the introduction of World Cup fan tokens. These tokens, built on blockchain, allow fans to engage with their favorite teams in new and exciting ways. One such way is through the use of UniLend’s lending and borrowing protocol, which can provide fans with the ability to leverage long positions on their favorite teams and even short the opposing teams.

One of the key benefits of using World Cup fan tokens in UniLend protocol is the ability to easily access the global football market. These protocols allow fans to easily lend and borrow tokens, providing them with the ability to take advantage of market movements and potentially generate significant returns. For example, if a fan believes that their favorite team is going to perform well in an upcoming match, they can leverage a long position by borrowing tokens from another fan and then using those tokens to purchase additional tokens. If the team performs as expected, the fan can then sell their tokens for a profit.

Another benefit of using World Cup fan tokens on UniLend is the ability to short the opposing teams. This means that rooting for the victory of your favorite team can also earn you profit when the opposing team is losing. For example, if a fan believes that their team is going to win, they can short the opposing team by borrowing tokens and then selling them on the open market. If the opposing team underperforms, they can then buy back the tokens at a lower price and repay their borrowed amount, pocketing the difference as profit.

Long and Short Teams with UniLend

  1. Let’s say, Mark is bullish on France in the upcoming match against England and wants to leverage a long position in order to maximize his profits and at the same time short the England fan token.
  2. Mark lends $FRA tokens in the FRA/ENG pool and borrows $ENG tokens.
  3. He then sells $ENG to buy more $FRA in the open market and ends up with more $FRA than at the start.
  4. If France wins and the price of $FRA goes up, Marks makes higher profits compared to his initial start position.
  5. Mark then sells his $FRA position to buy $ENG at a cheaper price to repay his loan, making the difference as profits.



New Era of DeFi

Overall, the use of World Cup fan tokens in web3 lending and borrowing protocols provides fans with a new and exciting way to engage with their favorite teams. Not only can they leverage long positions to potentially generate significant returns, but they can also short the opposing teams and profit when the team is not performing well. This represents a major advancement in the world of professional football and is likely to become increasingly popular among fans in the coming years.

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