Introducing UFTG: PortKey to Community Governance

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3 min readAug 28, 2023


The countdown to our Governance launch on September 4th continues, we’re thrilled to unveil the new wrapped governance token — UFTG (UniLend Finance Governance Token). UFTG is more than just a token; it’s a symbol of our commitment to community-driven decision-making and a catalyst for a more decentralized future. UFTG symbolizes our unwavering commitment to community-driven decision-making and serves as a catalyst for a more decentralized future.

Important Note: However, it’s essential to make it crystal clear that UFTG is only a wrapped version of UFT and that we are not releasing a new token or transitioning to a new token.

Let’s delve into how UFTG is poised to revolutionize UniLend’s ecosystem.

Understanding UFTG: Empowering Governance Participation

UFTG is the governance token that wraps native UFT tokens and will be required for users to participate in the governance. Users will be able to swap 1:1 between UFT and UFTG. UFTG is the cornerstone of our Governance model. It’s the key that opens the door for community members to actively engage in shaping UniLend’s future. Having UFTG is your ticket to becoming an integral part of our governance processes.

Key Aspects of UFTG

1. Participation in Governance: UFTG is your access pass to actively engage in UniLend’s governance. As UFTG holders, users have the power to vote on proposals, and strategic decisions, suggest improvements and influence platform changes, and play a direct role in shaping UniLend’s future.

2. Community Empowerment: By getting UFTG, you become an integral part of UniLend’s community-driven decision-making process. Users have a say in the platform’s direction and can contribute to its growth and development.

3. Seamless Conversion: The 1:1 swap mechanism allows you to effortlessly exchange your UFT tokens for UFTG, ensuring a smooth transition and making it easy for everyone to participate in governance.

4. Boosting UFT token Utility: UFTG strengthens the UFT token’s role, giving it new significance in governance. Now, it’s not just for lending and borrowing but also for decision-making.

5. Alignment with DeFi Principles: UFTG embodies the core principles of decentralized finance, promoting decentralization, transparency, and community involvement. It ensures that UniLend remains true to the ideals of the DeFi movement. So, with UFTG, you’re not just part of UniLend; you’re a contributor to its growth and evolution.


In conclusion, UFTG, our new Wrapped Governance Token, signifies our unwavering commitment to community-driven decision-making and a decentralized future. It empowers users to actively participate in governance, all while enhancing the utility of our native UFT token. Importantly, UFTG is not a new token, it’s a wrapped version of UFT, with no transition or new token release. With UFTG, you’re not just part of UniLend, the community will be the driving force behind its growth and alignment with DeFi principles.

Stay tuned as we embark on this exciting journey towards a decentralized future, and keep your eyes peeled for upcoming updates. We’re thrilled to have you with us as we shape the future of UniLend together.

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