India’s Largest and Safest Cryptocurrency Exchange, CoinDCX, to Integrate UniLend Protocol


  • UniLend has entered into a strategic collaboration with Coinbase-funded CoinDCX, India’s largest and safest cryptocurrency exchange with daily trading volumes exceeding $15 million.
  • Through our collaboration, CoinDCX users will acquire new DeFi capabilities, powered by UniLend, from directly within the exchange. This includes UFT farming, with more developments in the pipeline.
  • Given CoinDCX’s rapidly growing user base and prominent role in spearheading the crypto revolution in India and beyond, we are excited to reveal that they will also be UniLend’s official liquidity provider.
  • Our collaboration will be instrumental in ushering in the next wave of DeFi adoption.

The UniLend team is always on the hunt to work with the best in the space for mutual benefit. Today we undertake a particularly exciting collaboration with India’s largest and most trusted exchange, ISO certified CoinDCX!

By joining forces, CoinDCX users will acquire new capabilities only a best-in-class decentralized finance protocol like UniLend can add. One example will be the ability to yield farm UFT tokens directly on the exchange, with further developments in the pipeline.

As we continue to wade into the powerful waves of the DeFi space, CoinDCX has chosen to become our official liquidity provider; this will provide a superior user experience with our protocol upon the upcoming launch of our platform. We can hardly wait to disclose all the possibilities awaiting.

By adding our unique touch to their current trading, lending and staking services, we take another step towards unlocking the full potential of DeFi together.

Why Partner With CoinDCX?

CoinDCX has rapidly grown to become India’s largest and safest cryptocurrency exchange, with daily trading volumes exceeding more than $15 million. Their massive user base will be majorly valuable in increasing awareness of UniLend and for onboarding the next wave of users to DeFi via our protocol. Given their impressive trading volume, it was also a no-brainer to welcome CoinDCX as our official liquidity provider.

The exchange began to create a buzz in the cryptosphere from their early days, having received an investment from Coinbase Ventures, among other prominent investors. Their level of security is next to none; 95% of CoinDCX users’ funds are held in multisig cold wallets, and they use geographically distributed industry-leading hardware security modules (HSMs), with the added bonus of being insured by BitGo. Therefore, integrating our DeFi services into their top-tier exchange was an easy decision.

It’s no exaggeration to say that CoinDCX is playing a major role in helping spearhead the crypto revolution for both retail and industry players. They’re developing borderless financial services to ensure faster, simpler trading and lending, not to mention an array of user-friendly financial products; for example, India’s best lending product, which offers amazing returns in comparison to their competitors. UniLend’s DeFi functionality will provide a new layer of value as CoinDCX continues to become more deeply ingrained into the DeFi space.

Specifically, now that CoinDCX is integrating UniLend into its platform, their users will be able to utilize the broad spectrum of assets available on UniLend for lending purposes. This will offer CoinDCX users a much greater amount of assets to lend than currently offered. Our integration into CoinDCX will be a major catalyst for the growth of the UniLend user base.

CoinDCX also has industry-leading exchange partners like Binance and Huobi at their back, and a strong in-house team with the technical know-how to build the future of tomorrow. UniLend is pleased to become the newest partner accelerating CoinDCX’s impressive progression.

The Attraction of UniLend for CoinDCX

UniLend is being built from the ground up to truly take the DeFi space to the next level and bring the next wave of users into DeFi via our comprehensive protocol. Many major industry players already recognize our unique value and the value which we can provide to their own platforms, which is not only exciting for us as a project but is also a huge validation of the revolutionary nature of our mission.

Our permission-less DeFi protocol is combining spot trading services and lending/borrowing functionality. The open, comprehensive nature of our tech is something which industry-leading platforms such as CoinDCX are quick to understand and wish to implement themselves.

Current DeFi protocols only support a limited number of assets, whereas UniLend will enable its users to list any ERC20 asset for decentralized finance strategies. UniLend’s mission is to unlock the full potential of decentralized finance by tapping into a much wider total addressable market, by offering a one-stop-shop for all your DeFi needs.

Forging collaborations with prominent industry players, such as CoinDCX, will help us to usher in this new, open DeFi paradigm more quickly and effectively together.

Here’s to the exciting future for UniLend and our partners! 🥂

Get a more in-depth overview of UniLend here.

Thank you for keeping up-to-date with our news and events, there’s so much more to come and we hope you’ll continue to join us in our journey to become the most widely used DeFi protocol.

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UniLend is a Multichain protocol for Lending & Borrowing all ERC20 tokens permissionlessly. We are developing a Futuristic Base Layer for all DeFi applications.