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3 min readMay 17, 2022


To celebrate the UniLend’s Grand Unveiling on Binance Live, we’re teaming up to organize exciting activities during the Livestream on 19th May at 5:30 PM IST, offering users a chance to win a share in $5000 worth of UFT tokens.

Join us on Binance Live and win $5000 in UFT rewards by participating in the SignUp bonus, AMA, quiz, and more during the UniLend’s Grand Unveiling live stream.

Set your reminders here, so you won’t miss a chance to win $5000 in UFT:

Our CEO & Co-Founder Chandresh Aharwar will be joining the Binance LIVE for an exciting Live AMA session to discuss UniLend’s Grand Unveiling and interact with community members.

Check out our blog for more details about the $5000 in UFT reward and activities.

How to Participate in Live Event & Earn $5000 worth of UFT?

The AMA Livestream event is divided into four parts during which users can participate and get a chance to win $5000 in UFT tokens. So, keep watching the live stream till the end to claim more rewards.

Part 1: Live Chat with UniLend’s CEO & Co-Founder Chandresh Aharwar

In the first part, the host will be asking questions from our CEO & co-founder Chandresh Aharwar. He will also discuss the possibilities of our upcoming protocol bringing to the DeFi 2.0. Keep a close eye on this section to witness the most awaited UniLend’s Grand Unveiling.

Part 2: Social Media Q&A: $1000 in UFT up for Grabs!

In Social Media Q&A, 5 questions will be selected from Twitter before the Live AMA session.

Make sure to fill in your Binance UID along with the question before the main event. Participate now in the tweet below:

After the host questions and introductory segment of the Live AMA session. Chandresh will answer these selected questions. Each of the winners will receive $200 in UFT each.

If your question isn’t selected in Social Media Q&A, don’t worry, you still have a chance to ask them during the Live Q&A section and win the rewards.

Part 3: Live Q&A: $1000 in UFT up for Grabs!

During the Live Q&A section, community members can ask questions about UniLend Finance in the comment section.

Chandresh will pick any 5 questions from the comment section and the selected questions will be rewarded with $200 in UFT each. Make sure to ask more questions to increase your chance to take away home $200 in UFT reward.

Part 4: It’s Quiz Time: Show off UniLend knowledge & win $2000 in UFT!

After concluding the AMA session with our CEO, Chandresh Aharwar. An exciting UniLend quiz will be conducted by the host.

4 questions will be asked by the host in the comment section and the first 5 people who provide the correct answer in the comments section will take home $100 in UFT each.

Please Note: Each person can only win once in this section.

Prepare yourself in advance by joining our social media channels & get the latest updates:

SignUp Bonus: Chance to win $1000 in UFT

We’re giving $1000 worth of UFT in the special SignUp Bonus to new users. New users can share the $1000 prize pool just by signing up for an account on using promo code [KPJ7DQC8] and pass KYC by 26 May 2022.

Register now to take part in the SignUp Bonus and get a chance to win $1000 in UFT.

All the rewards will be distributed to winners within 14 working days.

Get excited to witness the Grand Unveiling on Binance Live & don’t miss out on this opportunity to bag a massive $5000 in UFT tokens. UniLend Team is thankful to our community for supporting us throughout our journey to revolutionize the DeFi space.

We’re looking forward to every single participant with great joy!

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