Announcing UniLend’s Project Updates #9

UniLend’s Project Update #9

Announcing UniLend’s Project Updates #9

UniLend’s Flash Loans and Lending is going Permission-Less
UniLend Officially Partnered with Darkpool Ventures for integrating Money Market and Flash Loans
More than $1.1 Million Value locked in WMatic Token on UniLend’s Platform
Lending & Flash Loans Pools for UFT are now LIVE on Polygon
More than $1 Million UFT locked in Flash Loan Protocol
UniLend’s CEO Chandresh Aharwar Joined Polygon Community for an Epic AMA
UniLend’s Influence Continued to Grow as we Crossed 35k Followers on Twitter
Announcing UniLend x Matic Meme Competition Winners

Exciting Elk Finance Trivia Quizzes ⁉️

Huge 5000 WMATIC Airdropped for Early Stakers 🪂

We have airdropped 5000 WMatic to the Lenders
Announcing UniLend’s Turkish Community

We Did a $5000 ELK Airdrop! 🪂

We have airdropped $5000 worth of ELK to the Lenders

UniLend is a decentralized protocol that combines spot trading & AMM with lending and borrowing services through smart contracts.