Announcing the UniLend (UFT) Public Sale: Interest Form is Now Live!

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5 min readOct 9, 2020

With the recent successful closure of our funding rounds, the UniLend team is excited to announce the upcoming launch of our public sale!

During our fundraising rounds, we built a strong network of early supporters who will actively contribute in supporting UniLend’s vision. It was inspiring to see that our vision for a new era of inclusive DeFi has resonated with the highest calibre of seasoned contributors and industry players.

Now, with our upcoming public sale, we’re giving the wider community the opportunity to secure UFT tokens!

Public Sale Interest Form:

Public Sale Details

Public sale contributions will be taken in ETH, with a fixed contribution amount of 3 ETH per person. This gives every participant the opportunity to contribute the same amount. Sending more, or less, than the specified amount of 3 ETH will result in your contribution being rejected.

There is a hard cap of $150,000 worth of ETH for the public sale ( ETH/USD rate to be decided in the next announcement). Therefore, there are a limited number of spaces for participants.

We have released an interest form, which will only be open for 24 hours. If you wish to register for the public sale, please do so by submitting the form here:

Please note, not everybody who registers interest will be whitelisted for the sale. Places will be determined by a random lottery system, in the interest of fairness. Those who are drawn by the lottery system will be contacted with a KYC form to complete alongside further details.

The public sale contribution period itself will begin early next week, and will be conducted on a first-come-first-served basis. Exact details on this will be shared further.

We will keep the community updated on the process. More details will be revealed soon.

Token Distribution

Our UFT token distribution model and release schedule have been carefully ideated to facilitate the long-term growth of a strong, engaged and vibrant participant ecosystem.

UFT token sales details

The initial circulating supply will be 10,800,000 (10.8% of the total supply). This means an initial market cap of $1,620,000 based on the public sale price.

Circulating supply will increase gradually in-line with the unlock schedule detailed below.

A total of 2,000,000 UFT tokens are allocated for public distribution; 1,000,000 of which will be sold in our public sale and the remaining 1,000,000 will be utilized to provide liquidity for UFT trading on DEXs.

Although more tokens were allocated during our fundraising rounds, we believe the negligible price difference along with the lockup period for these tokens have ensured an ultimately fair distribution model for the wider community.

Overall UFT token distribution model

Key Insights

  • Seed Round and Private Sale token allocations are for strategic contributors which will actively contribute in supporting UniLend’s vision in various ways.
  • Public Distribution is designed for the wide distribution of UFT tokens to facilitate the broad decentralization of the governance of UniLend and a large supporter base.
  • Protocol Distribution tokens will provide incentives in the form of liquidity mining and yield farming to establish and grow the UniLend protocol user base.
  • Marketing, Ecosystem and Reserve tokens will be gradually and tactically in spreading global awareness of UniLend, facilitating valuable partnerships, participating in industry events and bootstrapping DEX liquidity, etc.
  • Team tokens will be gradually unlocked up until April of 2023 as an incentive to showcase confidence in UniLend’s vision.
  • Security & Alignment tokens will be used for efforts to ensure the utmost stability and security of the UniLend protocol via activities such as bug bounties, security audits etc.

Token Release Schedule

Unlike with the Seed and Private sale funding round tokens, there will be no lockup period for UFT purchased during the public sale. All UFT tokens sold during the public sale will be unlocked upon distribution.

Tokens sold during the Seed Round, however, will be unlocked gradually until April of 2022, and token sold during the private round will be unlocked in phases until July of 2021.

Tokens allocated to the team will be unlocked gradually over a 30-month period (until April of 2023), as a testament to showcase the confidence of our team in UniLend’s vision.

The remainder of the token allocations will be released gradually, on a monthly basis, up until April of 2023.

The full token distribution schedule can be found below.

Become part of the DeFi revolution

As a decentralized protocol governed by community governance, the wide distribution of UFT is of paramount importance. Public distribution of UFT is designed to facilitate the broad distribution of governance power for the UniLend platform and to foster the growth of a large initial supporter base.

There will also be a chance to secure UFT tokens from DEXs shortly after the conclusion of the public sale (and on centralised exchanges shortly after), and UFT will be able to be obtained via liquidity mining once the UniLend platform has launched.

However, the public sale is the first opportunity for the community to acquire UFT governance tokens. Don’t miss your chance to become a part of the DeFi revolution.

Register for the public sale today, and let’s unlock the true potential of decentralized finance together 🤝

The UniLend team would like to thank our community for your incredible support thus far, and we remain at your disposal should you have any questions. Don’t hesitate to reach out to us!

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