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UniLend Finance
UniLend is a decentralized protocol that combines spot trading & AMM with lending and borrowing services through smart contracts.

  • Now anyone will be able to start a lending pool for any token on BSC.
  • With our intuitive app, users will be able to start lending their favorite tokens, and immediately the liquidity will be available for Flash Loans.
  • UniLend has already announced that 70% of the fees generated from Flash Loans revenue will be rewarded to the lenders; the same will continue on BSC.
  • UniLend’s Permissionless Protocol is already live on Ethereum and Polygon with over $ 6…

Sneak Peek into UniLend’s Journey from IDeation to Creation

Project Updates #10

Announcing UniLend’s Project Updates #10

🚀 UniLend has continued our epic frontier to become a dominant voice in the DeFi space. In cryptocurrency volatility is normal, teams that thrive throughout it are exceptional; this month we’ve proven beyond doubt that UniLend is one of those teams.

Step by step guide for Permissionless access on UniLend Protocol

Step by step guide for permissionless access on UniLend Protocol

UniLend’s Flash Loans and Lending is going Permission-Less on 6th July
  • The protocol first went live on Ethereum with Lending and FLash Loans 3 months back in March.
  • UniLend’s protocol has 17 tokens listed already with millions of dollars worth of tokens without any security risks.
  • Detailed guide on how to start pool for lending of any token will be live after launch
  • Team will continue to support projects which list on UniLend with rewards to the lenders

UniLend Finance

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